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August 21, 2008

So we watched some of the Olympics last night.  With the kids.  Or I should say I was the one that turned on the Olympics, and let the boys stay up.  DH was gone or they probably would not have been allowed to stay up that late.  But we needed something to do while we put another layer of wet gunky newspaper on our model Earths.  C and D had actually gone to bed when we came home from Grandma’s house, but I guess we made too much noise and they decided to get back up.  And why was I doing the messy project with three children while DH was gone again, in the living room, with a sheet over the carpet, while watching the Olympics? 

I don’t know.

Maybe because I feel like I’ve been going nonstop lately, yet haven’t had time (or desire) to do paper mache’ again, but if we’re going to paint our Earths tomorrow, then they needed another layer put on yesterday. 

Anyway we watched the Olympics. 

We enjoyed the opening ceremonies and I’ve watched a little bit here and there, but we really haven’t been glued to the tv for them this year.  Of course, I’m finally to the point where I rarely watch tv anymore and honestly I haven’t wanted to sit in front of it every night again, even for the Olympics.  I have too many other things I’ve needed and wanted to do lately.  Plus my goal lately is to go to bed sooner, not stay up later (and they’ve been on so late!)  It was fun to watch with the boys though and see things through their eyes.  My favorite comments (both from C):

On men’s gymnastics high-bar routine: Wow!  That looks dangerous!
On women’s platform diving with multiple somersaults and/or twists: Wow!  That was cooool!

And after watching some of the divers do a handstand on the platform prior to diving off, all three of them kept attempting handstands on the carpet and couch for the next little while.  D was sure determined but kept rolling over in somersaults.  Then Daddy came home.  He indulged us for awhile, but then decided everybody was getting too wound up again.  And D was slightly grumpy all day today and fell asleep on the living room carpet about 5:15 this evening.  Poor kid. 

I’ve decided I’m more into the Winter Olympics, I really like ski jumping and aerials and bobsledding and ice skating.  It’s been fun to go visit the Olympic venues around Salt Lake from 2002.  (The best is going up to Park City and watching the ski jumpers practice in the summer–going into the pool rather than onto the snow.)  My memories of 2002 are pretty simple–DH was working long long hours (in conjunction with the Olympics) and I was home with a 14-month-old and watched most of it on tv.  It was exciting to be in an Olympic host city though. 

We ventured out twice:  I took A with me (and both of us were completely bundled up, it was sooo cold!) to see the Olympic torch come up State Street a few hours before the Opening Ceremonies.  However, they had gotten behind schedule and we pretty much just got a glimpse of the flame speeding up the road on the back of a truck.  It was kind of a letdown.  But we also drove into downtown one afternoon to soak up the Olympic atmosphere.  It was really fun.  Many buildings downtown were covered in giant wraps of athletes.  There were tons of people everywhere, and from everywhere.  We got swept up in pin collecting briefly, we got an “I was there, 2002” pin along with pins DH traded for while working.  And there was just this excitement in the air.  Luckily my good sense kept us from waiting in line for hours just to get a Roots USA beret.  Remember those?  It was the must-have item here and now when I still see people wearing them in the winter, it seems so silly!

A few other favorite moments:

  • Seeing the Olympic torch (on the news) go by the Church Administration Building
  • Seeing Pres. Bush sitting with the athletes during the Opening Ceremonies
  • Seeing the flag brought into the stadium that had flown over the World Trade Center (in a solemn moment except for the tv audience who had to listen to Bob Costas’ annoying commentary)
  • Hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing “Call of the Champions”–Citius! Altius! Fortius!, I still love that song!

And of course watching the athletes on tv, most of whom I now can’t name.  DH did get a ticket at work to go watch cross-country skiing.  An hour and a half away.  On a day he had to work.  I guess it was the thought that counts.   I think I have more happy memories of Salt Lake 2002 than he does.

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  1. August 22, 2008 4:04 am

    I feel the exact same way about this Olympics this go around. After swimming ended, it has been hard for me to get excited about track and field. It goes late into the night on EST time, so we miss most of anyways. I can’t seem to get my kids in bed, because they want to watch every minute.

  2. Gina permalink
    August 22, 2008 6:02 pm

    We’ve been watching some of the Olympics here, too. Not every night. The boys have been really following Phelps and his swimming and they’ve also gotten involved in the beach volleyball. I have to say, I’m enjoying it as well. I also like to watch the soccer, too, but since we all play soccer here, that’s a given!

    Good for you for letting your boys stay up to watch. You’re making wonderful memories for all of you!

  3. August 26, 2008 3:17 pm

    we have loved the olympics, but i haven’t gotten addicted this time around. it helps that we have tivo, so i’ve only watched what i cared about and fast forwarded the rest. i am really out of a tv watching groove, too, and am steeling myself for the fall when all my favorite shows are back on the air. it just seems like such a waste of time.
    with that being said, i loved watching swimming, diving, gymnastics, and watching key moments of soccer, water polo, baskektball, and volleyball. my kids have announced that they’d like to start training for the olympics now!:)

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