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Weekly Report #8

October 4, 2008

There’s not much to show for this week.  We did do a lot of reading for a change, at least between Thursday night and Friday, when we were still doing schoolwork well into the afternoon to make up for the previous three days which didn’t quite go as planned.

D: Letter of the week was G.  We read some great adaptations of Grimm’s fairy tales, among other books, and D traced some Gs.  We also ate grapes. 

C: He did 13 pages in Explode the Code this week and finished the first primer book!  He’s so excited. 
Math: Practiced counting backward from 10 and reading number words 0-10
Reading: Lessons 54-56 ng Digraphs NG and SH, and SHR blend

A: Math: 3 Reviews at the end of the add/subtract section
Grammar: 4 lessons (only because I did 3 of them orally with him yesterday to catch up, he’s writing slower than a snail this week)
Cursive: 1 letter G page
Latin: Review lessons 1-5

Science: Earth science didn’t happen at all this week, although we did hike around Maple Lake on Wednesday and sketched in the nature journals.

History/Art: We read SOTW chapter 11 on Clovis and the Franks.  A did the mapwork and we also read The Duke and the Peasant: Life in the Middle Ages which was a gorgeous picture book of medieval scenes by Sister Wendy Beckett.  I loved how she drew our attention to all kinds of detail in each of the paintings that I would have completely missed on my own. 

Literature: We actually did read quite a bit this week.  Besides the history book, letter G books, and Our Island Story, we listened to more folk tales and Sherlock Holmes for Children in the car.  A read The Water Horse in about three days (it’s so nice to see him hooked on a book again) and I finished Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  It was a wonderful translation, very alliterative.  We’re almost finished with The Secret Garden.

Music: Besides piano and Kindermusik this week, we finished Mussorgsky and are still up in the air as to what our October composer will be.  I picked 9 random composers in August, and supposedly should do Bizet, but I’m just not in the mood for Bizet this month.  We’ll probably go with Rimsky-Korsakov instead, although I am playing some Rossini on my next concert so that would be a good pick also.  (But I don’t know if I want to listen to Rossini for the next 27 days.)

FIAR: I was going to wait until next week to write about our FIAR activities, but decided to make apple pie today so we actually have pictures of something we did!  We had a great week with How to Make an Apple Pie and see the world.  This is one of our favorite FIAR units and we had fun with all the humor in the story and illustrations.  On Monday we put apple stickers on a world map to show all the places the little girl went in the book to get the ingredients.  We also set out some salt water to evaporate, leaving the salt behind.  I seem to remember the last time we did this it took months, so we used a lot less water and are already starting to see the salt left above the water line. 

We read lots of books (yesterday) about apples, apple trees, Johnny Appleseed:

We also ate lots of apples this week and cut one open sideways to see the star shape of the seeds.  And then there was making the pie:

Rolling out the pie crust

Rolling out the pie crustPeeling the apples

Fluting the edge

Fluting the edgeThe finished product

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  1. October 4, 2008 10:19 pm

    Sophie loved The Water Horse movie. I wonder if I should get her the book. Usually I try to get her the book before showing her the movie but she saw the preview of Water Horse on something else and really wanted to see it. I am going to have to find it at the library.

    Looks like a fun week. My kids loved How to make an Apple Pie and See the World when we Rowed it awhile back. Maybe it would be a fun one to do again. I just can’t seem to fit FIAR in. Maybe we will just do FIAR light and just read apple books or something. A good excuse to give baking an apple pie a try.

  2. October 5, 2008 10:55 am

    I bet the pie was yummy. When we read How to make an Apple Pie, we made the pie too. It was delicious!

    Looks like a good week.

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  3. October 5, 2008 8:10 pm

    Hey, I have been enjoying your blog. Found you on Just wanted to let you know I am here reading! Oh, and do you mind that I put a link on my blog so I can access it easier?

  4. October 6, 2008 9:05 pm

    good job kicking into high gear there at the end. sometimes i am tempted to just “try better next week” but it feels so much better if we amp it up a little and complete most of our plans. i hope you get that vacation this week.

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