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Monday musings

October 27, 2008

So here I sit finally blogging about this day, now that it’s really time to be going to bed. . .

It’s just been one of those days.  I guess you could say it was a Monday.  Mondays are usually my best days though!  But today sure wasn’t.  I’ve just spent 2 hours fighting with a deathly slow computer (that hates me) to get the bills paid.  Why, why me??  Why does it take so long???  There weren’t even that many bills.  And that was after another 45 minutes or so before dinner spent trying to get one other site to accept my payment.  My computer hates me today.

OK, I did spend a little time looking for a sewing basket to spend my birthday money on so I’ll have a place to put things like, say, straight pins, so when I need them for Halloween costumes (which I of course procrastinated even though I’ve known for weeks what they were) I can find them.  Otherwise I have to send DH to the store (to save me time) but then will spend the entire time he’s gone on the phone with him helping him find exactly what I need.  Or not.  Actually that was Saturday, I think some of that frustration has carried over into this week.  (And the rest of Saturday’s story will wait until the costumes are finished and I can take pictures.  It will be a good one.)

But back to today.  What I had planned (and I actually planned too, it’s the best weekly planner page I’ve filled out in about a month!):

  • Get up early
  • Good breakfast
  • Start school on time
  • Full morning of good schoolwork
  • Cello practice
  • Run errands: library, fabric store (yet again)
  • Work on Halloween costumes
  • Cello student at 4:30
  • Pay bills

We got up ok, breakfast was good, we started school fine, and then somewhere in there things went awry.  And I’m still not sure where or how.  We were doing great, then all of a sudden it was noon and we hadn’t gotten to the Latin dvd lesson, any history at all, or our volcano making project.  I tried working with C and D while A practiced piano.  But then they were bored while I worked with A on his work and somehow, under my very nose, D dragged out tons of toys and scattered them everywhere.  That was distracting, to say the least.  A has a hard time working when the other two are both playing and he took forever to fill out a multiplication table of multiples of 1-5 and 10, although I did get another lion cut out of black felt while he was taking forever.  So that at least was good.  Attitudes weren’t the best, but we did do our writing assignment and we squeezed in Latin before lunch.  Last week A moaned and groaned and complained so much I just didn’t even try Latin.  Today was much better.

Time got away from me though, and it didn’t feel like we really dragged our feet.  I can’t quite figure out what happened.  Lunch was good, and we even did some reading aloud after.  Then they all had extra jobs to do because they squandered their read quietly in bed time last night with loud laughter and shrieking.  Then all I needed (just not wanted, I needed it today) was an hour or so of quiet so I could work on Sibelius for orchestra tomorrow.  I can’t count the times I was interrupted by shrieking, sobbing, whining, screaming, squealing. . .It’s amazing I got anything accomplished.  But I persevered and at least played through everything once.  I think.  By then it was too late to leave the house before my 4:30 lesson, which was a rescheduled one and therefore out of the ordinary and I’m always afraid I’ll completely forget those lessons.  It’s happened before.  So we didn’t get to any errands. 

But we all needed some fresh air so we went for a walk around the block and D wailed most of the way because he wanted to walk the other way around the block.  Then they wanted to dig in the dirt which is my front yard.  I caved in and said ok.  Then they tracked that nice dark dirt through the house as my student showed up.  (Although it could have been much worse.  I caught C trying to make mud with water from the outside faucet and nipped that idea in the bud.)  We swept before dinner but still found a pile of dirt on C’s mattress tonight at bedtime.  Which mattress was free of bedding, which was atill wet in the washer, because I forgot to take D’s bedding out of the dryer this afternoon to remake his bed after washing what he leaked on last night.  Oh, and C’s bedding all had to be washed too because a corner of his blanket was touching D’s trundle bed.

Thankfully I did remember to put dinner in the crockpot somewhere in there.  So we had a good dinner.  I had a good dinner.  I think most of what was on their plates went in the garbage.  Honestly I wonder why I bother some days.  And DH didn’t even get home until almost bedtime.  So we skipped family home evening because I was out of patience (I now know why my mother always said, “If these kids aren’t in bed by 8:00, something is going to snap.”)  We just read scriptures, and put them in bed with the light out. 

Good things about today: DH took my library books back for me tonight.  C said he would love to vacuum up the pile of dirt I found on the couch that noone would confess to leaving.  And my cello student for tomorrow had to postpone her lesson. Yea!!!!  I needed an extra hour between now and Wednesday.  Now I have one.

On my to-do list for the rest of the week:

  • Buy more velcro and some bias tape (which DH could not positively identify)
  • Cut another lion out of black felt
  • Hem C’s costume pants
  • Figure out one last part of their costumes
  • Pray that D won’t change his mind about being a tiger at the last minute
  • Make a volcano
  • Order music for my cello students and some to replace a few of my own pieces that have walked away from my own library
  • Call Rainbow Resource to see if my backordered items will be here by Friday so we don’t have to go to plan B
  • Possibly order Times Tales for A–anybody else use this???
  • and of course there’s still school to do every morning, Kindermusik classes, cello lessons, and orchestra rehearsal
  • And, oh yes, A wants to go to a corn maze.  I have free time Thursday afternoon.  That’s it.  And I’m too cheap to go to Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point.  Any suggestions??
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  1. October 28, 2008 9:52 am

    Wow you still got a lot done even though things didn’t quite turn out how you expected. I like your mom’s quote about getting the kids in bed!

  2. October 28, 2008 10:05 am

    I love how you think you’ve got nothing done… but really, you do more than most stay at home moms. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You did great!!!

  3. cellista permalink*
    October 28, 2008 10:55 am

    It wasn’t the lack of accomplishing, it was the whining and the bad attitudes and the lack of cooperation that just got me down by the end of the day.

  4. October 28, 2008 9:55 pm

    I do know how days like this feel. Everything sort of gets accomplished but the emotional wear and tear just about makes you go crazy. We have had a number of them lately. I think my kids aren’t getting enough sleep or something. Maybe it is just me not getting enough sleep? Who knows? I hope things go more smoothly!

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