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Weekly Report 13

November 10, 2008

And I thought the last week was busy.  But this is why I do a weekly report–when I add it all up, I see that we did accomplish something.  It was still kind of an off week though.  The time change is affecting us, D in particular.  That or else I’ve let him turn into an annoyingly whiny child (which is highly possible.)  Either way, our new goal is to stop the whining.  I will not speak to you if you are whining.  Sounds simple, anyway.  I had a very hard time staying focused on school between watching the election, watching the protests, preparing for my orchestra concert, and all the other commitments I’ve had.  I was home every day, but it’s like there is only so much room in my brain to think about things.  We were very good with our scripture study though and somehow or another all this other stuff got done schoolwise:

D: Letter K:  He traced a big and little K and colored a kangaroo.  We read books about kangaroos: Joey, The Story of a Baby Kangaroo, Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?, and Katy No-Pocket, which was our favorite.  Also fun was The Kweeks of Kookatumdee by Bill Peet.  The boys liked all the silly words in it.  We read The Kitchen Knight about Sir Gareth, which also tied into our history this month and of course, we’ve talked about a lot of Kings recently.

C: ETC: 7 pages (as compared to 25 last week, although I only have 8 scheduled per week so he’s already way ahead of schedule)
Math: Started addition using a number line
Reading: Lessons 69-72

A: Math: 2 review lessons
Grammar: Lessons 63-65 plus a discussion on why yellow colored pencil isn’t the best choice for grammar assignments, i.e. Mommy can’t see it, let alone read it.
Cursive: 1 letter K page
Writing: 3 out of 4 assignments from week 4 in Writing with Ease
Latin: Lesson 8, and we haven’t listened to the cd at all and you can tell!

Science: Nothing at all happened this week.

Music: We’re supposed to start Prokofiev, which I haven’t been excited about yet.  But they had their Kindermusik classes and piano lesson and A went with DH to my symphony concert to hear Rossini, Barber, Sibelius, and an amazing 12-year-old play the Paganini Violin concerto. 

History: We read SOTW chapter 16 about the Norman conquest and starting learning all about castles from the early motte and bailey castles to the great stone fortresses.  We read Exploring a Castle and had fun with the Storming a Castle maze book and The Great Castle Search book from Usborne.  We also watched a video on Warwick Castle which also contained a nice review of the Norman invasion and the battle of Hastings.  DH and I also watched a video on Hadrian’s Wall. 

Other Literature: We’ve been using poetry from Childcraft to discuss rhyming for FIAR.  They think Eletelephony is one of the best poems ever and have been trying to say it all week.  We started Mathilda by Roald Dahl in the car. 


Other Activities: It was free day both at the natural history museum and the aviary, and I actually remembered so we went to both.  Most of the smaller birds have gone inside for the winter and they’re reconstructing the duck ponds so there wasn’t a whole lot to see at the aviary.  But it was really cold so I was ok with it.  The boys had fun.  The fresh air was nice.  C had fun at the museum lying in a dinosaur footprint, the largest ever found in Utah I believe.


Other activities for the parents:  I feel bad for my poor children!  They had four different babysitters last week, not including Grandma and Poppa while I taught cello students.  DH was gone every single day last week and was only home Monday night.  The rest of the nights looked like this:

  • Tuesday night: Orchestra, DH was an election judge until late
  • Wednesday: I was teaching, DH worked a scheduled overtime shift
  • Thursday: We both had meetings in opposite directions
  • Friday: Orchestra dress rehearsal, DH got called out unexpectedly to work
  • Saturday: We were both at my concert, but we didn’t even get to sit together!

Sigh. . .

I expected my being gone to be hard, but not having DH home while I was gone was really tough on everybody I think.  We were all up later, our routines went out the window, and my house still needs serious help recovering.  Nobody does anything around the house if DH and I are both gone.  I am so glad there is very little on my calendar this week.  I have orchestra and lessons still, but nothing else outside.  Kindermusik even got cancelled this week so that will add about 4 extra hours back into our lives.  We need it.  We need time together as a family more than anything else right now.  I have books I’ve been wanting to read and videos I’ve wanted to show the boys.  DH also got some vouchers at work for free Disney on Ice tickets.  I think we may just have to use them this weekend!

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  1. November 10, 2008 11:19 pm

    You will look back at this time and only remember the kids smiling in pictures, you doing your best. What a great week for that!

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