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Christmas 2008

December 28, 2008

Yes, I do still have a blog. . . I just haven’t felt like writing much of anything lately.  We’ve been BUSY!!

The past four days have been wonderful though.  We’ve been reading, relaxing,  doing puzzles, reading, eating chocolate, watching it snow, drinking hot chocolate, shopping (just a little, for long johns), playing board games, reading (it’s almost the end of the 888 challenge!), and practicing just a little.  I played in church today, and last Sunday in another ward–“Gesu Bambino” with soprano, cello, and piano.  That was fun.

It’s been a nice holiday weekend after a few weeks of craziness.  The final few days before Christmas were pretty busy as well.  We took the boys to the Utah Symphony last Saturday morning.  My symphony concert Saturday night got a very nice review after all was said and done.  I understand A played the piano very well at Grandma J’s Christmas party which I had to miss.


The Salt Lake Temple in the snow, taken from the TRAX train on the way home from the symphony:


Sunday night we went to Grandma and Poppa’s house for their chorale’s Christmas fireside and slept overnight since D has been asking to do that for weeks now.  Monday morning though, a huge snowstorm came through that I wasn’t eager to drive home in.  We went to see Poppa in action at his new job and I then took each of the boys shopping for a present for their brother.  They drew names this year, or rather we assigned them.  With only 3 children, there are only two options for which brother to buy for.  They all did really well in picking out something for someone else and not going crazy asking for all the things they themselves wanted.  I was pleasantly surprised.

After lunch, we finally decided we could handle both the weather and the traffic.  There was no way I wanted to be driving in rush hour.  So we set off, but remembered to stop at the cemetery, then to buy the last few things we needed for Christmas dinner.  That was crazy.  There were a million people inside the grocery store and the weather became horrendous outside again.  But we survived and five miles down the road, it was great.  By the time we hit Salt Lake Valley there was hardly any snow at all.

On Christmas Eve, after listening to the King’s College Cambridge Christmas Eve service on the radio, we wrote cards and made our favorite raspberry almond thumbprint cookies to take to the boys’ Primary teachers and a few friends.  I gave up control of perfectly round balls of dough and let the boys make their own.  They were delightfully not round!  But they still tasted fabulous.


We also made Christmas tree pizzas for dinner, which weren’t nearly as cute as the ones in the Deseret News food section that morning.  They were fun though.  I don’t really have a tradition for Christmas Eve dinner.  Every year is different.


After dinner, in old pjs because I hadn’t finished the new pajama pants yet (whose idea was it to make Christmas this year anyway?), we did the Christmas story with hand puppets.


We had a nice Christmas day.  I don’t think we got a single thing that required batteries this year!  (Except for DH’s new Blackberry phone he bought himself a few weeks ago that counted for his Christmas present.)  It was a quiet Christmas!  The boys got lots of books and puzzles and the usual family board game–Tri-ominos this year, which we all enjoyed playing.  We added some knights to their castle set as well.  We had planned on buying a telescope but thanks to the planetarium’s How-to guide for buying a telescope, we realized we aren’t ready for one yet, so DH bought everybody new sleeping bags instead, (which they all wanted to camp out in Christmas night.)


My mom and dad drove up (in absolutely horrid weather) for a couple hours to have dinner with us and my uncle came over to spend the day also.

The boys really enjoyed pulling open the English Christmas crackers Grandma and Poppa brought.


Dinner was delicious–ham, potatoes, fruit salad, vegetables and dip, olives, cheese biscuits, and gingerbread cake with whipped cream.  I had a few more things planned, but we decided to eat sooner so my parents could get home before the roads got even worse.

We waited all day for the expected “major storm” to dump snow on us, but it bypassed Salt Lake City for the most part during the day.  Friday morning we woke up to lots of snow though and were really glad we had nowhere to go.  I’d had enough of driving in snowy weather on Monday.  I love just staying indoors, sipping hot chocolate, and watching it snow.

The tree on Christmas Eve:


You’ll notice it’s upright and somewhat straight.  And the little story behind that is a post for another day.

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  1. December 29, 2008 7:46 am

    It looks like you had a busy, snowy and somewhat relaxing Christmas. I wish I could talk my mother-in -law to get gifts that don’t require batteries. We got way too many gadgets this Christmas. Many of them have already gone through a whole batch of batteries.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Mom/Grandma permalink
    December 29, 2008 9:16 am

    The photos are great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. December 29, 2008 9:27 am

    Sounds like a perfectly lovely holiday with family. The Christmas tree is beautiful!

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