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Because nothing has that Christmas smell

December 30, 2008

quite like a real evergreen tree.  And no Christmas is complete without the experience of picking out the perfect spruce (from a Montana tree farm, set up in the parking lot of a golf course on 7th East in SLC), dragging it into the house and decorating it. 


Because it fell over. 


But once you saw A LOT of branches off the bottom of the tree, all the presents will actually fit under it, and you don’t have to prostrate yourself flat on the ground trying to water the dumb thing.


So ten days before Christmas we finally went looking for a tree, in the bitter cold, plus it was snowing.  I’m not sure why we let the weekend go by without getting a tree, but finally on Monday we had a 30-minute window of opportunity to pick out the perfect tree and drive it home so DH could help me get it off the van (I knew I couldn’t do that by myself), into the house, and set up before he had to be back at work.  We managed to find two perfect trees in record time, opted for the fattest one, drove it home, got it set up and he was off.

Then I noticed it was crooked.  Really crooked.  And the bad side with the hole was facing out.  So maybe it wasn’t the perfect tree, and a fake tree would solve that problem, but I just have to have a real tree.  Have to.  It’s the smell.  The smell of Christmas.

Because the dog knocked the tree over one year when it was in front of the picture window (luckily after Christmas Day), it’s been in the corner ever since.  If you can’t get it standing up straight, just make sure it leans into the corner.  Good advice.  We didn’t follow it this year.  A talked me into putting the tree in front of the window again since we no longer have a dog and it very well may be our last Christmas in this house.

We turned it around to find the good side first then I somehow got it in my head that the 8-year-old and I could straighten the tree.  We couldn’t.  WHOMP!!  It fell over, scaring D half to death, so then I had to convince him that the tree was not out to get him. 

Then we had to deal with the very fat and heavy tree that none of us could actually lift and try to get it back into the tree stand.  Everybody had to examine the stand and give their professional opinion:


It’s not everyday you have a spruce lying in the living room.

We ended up sawing off a few bottom branches so it would sit down in the tree stand better.  And no, the 8-year-old didn’t do the sawing.  He did ask to, but I put him and his little engineer brain to work tightening and loosening the proper screws around the tree trunk while I held it in place after I finally hauled the thing up off the carpet.  Did I mention we picked the fattest tree?   


It’s up!  


It’s decorated! 


The pretty side was facing out, it seemed sturdy, and D had forgiven it for scaring him, so we figured why not?

But because it’s a real tree we still had to water it.  So Tuesday night after the boys went to bed, I got down there and pushed a teeny tiny bit on one little tiny branch to get the pitcher of water headed in the right place and it started to tip. . .over. . .and over. . .and luckily DH was sitting on the couch and caught it on the way down.  And he was able to saw another gigantic branch off the bottom (while my arms went to sleep propping it up) so it could really sit clear down in the tree stand and be straight.  

I looked at the branch lying there with lights, beads, and ornaments still on it, and thought, “Maybe next year we’ll get a fake tree.”

As I catch the scent of evergreen every time I walk into the house, I think, “Maybe not.”


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  1. Karie permalink
    December 31, 2008 8:15 am

    You give a great story. I love real trees, but hate the mess afterwards. And since I’m the one who usually has to clean it (and dh wants a perfect tree) we have opted to have fake trees. We just spray them with the “real” smell and that works just fine. 🙂 Love your real tree though.

  2. December 31, 2008 9:03 am

    What a great story! Reminds me of the time we went and picked out the perfect tree from the Christmas tree farm and brought it home on top of our van only to forget it was on top when we drove into the garage. 😀

    We haven’t had a real tree in several years. We already have plans to go up in the mountains next year with Mr. FR’s cousins in Oregon and find a tree. One year when Mr. Fr was growing up they used a giant sagebrush instead of a Christmas tree. The house smelled heavenly but it took up half the living room.

  3. December 31, 2008 9:19 am

    We opted for a fake tree a number of years ago and I love being able to just open it up and put it together and it is done. But yes the smell of Christmas Tree is missing. I guess we give up something for the ease of use. Your tree does look nice and plump and I am sure the boys loved the adventure.

  4. December 31, 2008 9:22 am

    Thanks for getting pictures up. I can’t blame D for getting scared of the tree falling–THAT THING IS HUGE!! I love the pic of A amidst all the branches.

  5. December 31, 2008 10:49 am

    I love real trees, but for a few years now we haven’t had the room. We bought a three foot fake tree and have been using that. Have tree, will travel! ;o) I miss the smell and will start looking for spray since someone mentioned it! ;o)

  6. January 2, 2009 11:48 pm

    Oh…we will always have real trees. Even with all the trouble the give us. 🙂

    Yours looks beautiful!

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