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Energizer Bunny

January 20, 2009

That’s me the past two days. 

By some fluke, the boys have slept in and I’ve actually been getting out of bed and having breakfast made before all three of them have made an appearance lately.  That is so very very rare with these morning people and a mother who isn’t.  It’s really nice!  Our days start off so much better.  They don’t have a chance to get distracted before breakfast and school.  It also hasn’t hurt that I’ve written out a by-the-clock schedule for the past two days and followed it!  For the most part.  Yesterday we ran a half hour behind because they did sleep in (and who am I to wake sleeping children, except on Sunday mornings when I sleep through my alarm and we have 9 a.m. church and they’re still in bed at 8:10.)  And then today got thrown off a little by watching the inauguration, but still. . .

(On a tangent–What I’m really wondering now is how Yo-Yo Ma could even play in the frigid temperatures in D.C. this morning.  But I love how he always looks like he’s having the time of his life whenever he plays the cello.) 

Now I want to practice more, and I didn’t today, but I still think we’ve accomplished more in these two days than in all of last week combined.  Yesterday we got to:

  • New Testament
  • math for A (fractions and 4-digit addition)
  • math for C (first time since Christmas)
  • cursive
  • Latin
  • writing
  • literature (more Indian folktales)
  • Explode the Code
  • reading with C
  • letter O book and tracing with D
  • 30-minute quiet reading for everyone
  • Science for about the first time since about Halloween

And I put dinner in the crockpot and had time to print off a shopping list and run to Macey’s for their food storage sale so I could stock up on more wheat, oatmeal, and dried milk.  And we had time to run a thank you card to Sonja and her wonderful family and play for a little bit. 

Today wasn’t quite so productive, we only did very short lessons in writing, math, history (China dynasties), Latin, and grammar, but then we had some obvious current events lessons on American government and I taught a cello student and C went to Kindermusik.  So maybe it evened out. 

The other big news is that I’m trying something new with the house and so far (ask me again in 3 weeks) I love it and it is working.  It’s called Motivated Moms and it’s a planner to print out that gives you housecleaning assignments for each individual day, plus a list of daily chores, all with little boxes to check off.  And I dearly love to check off little boxes.  There’s also an option that includes daily Bible readings so you’ll finish in a year.

I have been trying to write out my own house cleaning schedule like this for weeks now and I just couldn’t seem to do it.  And maybe I didn’t need to do it myself, at this point in my life.  As DH said when I showed him the sample pages, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.  It’s 8 bucks.  Just get it.”  So I did.

I’m still trying to figure it all out.  Not that there should be that much to figure out–you find today, Tuesday Jan. 20, and you do the (surprisingly few) jobs listed.  But I like to see the big picture and I’m trying to figure out how often certain jobs rotate.  It’s not quite an “Every Monday you do_____” kind of list, and I would like something that’s a little more of a predictable routine, but I will try anything at this point.  Anything would be an improvement over my recent housekeeping habits. 

And I love that it includes things I rarely think of like “Clip the children’s fingernails.”  And the best part?  The only job listed for Saturday is “Water the houseplants.”  I don’t like spending my weekends on housework.  (Except for this weekend, which will involve massive decluttering on my part so I can clean what’s under some of those piles of paper.)

The boys are very happy and willing to help out as well, which makes me sad in a way.  If I had just followed through more consistently with every job chart we’ve ever tried, I’d have some awesome little housekeepers trained by now.  They’re willing, I just have to keep at it.  As we go through the daily lists, I’m filling out a chart for them which is an “Every Monday, you do____” so things are more routine for them.  I’m sure I’ll tweak other things as well, I always do.  It’s really hard to follow someone else’s plan exactly. 

But for now, I have an entire year’s worth of housecleaning ready to go.  If I fall off the wagon, everyone else can see exactly what needs to be done and we can all jump right back on board.  Right?  Right. 

Wish me luck.

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  1. Karie permalink
    January 21, 2009 4:47 am

    Sounds like you guys did well. We’re slowly getting into school routine. Always hard the first week or two, but my kids needed it.

  2. January 21, 2009 7:29 am

    I am so glad you have had two great energetic days. I know it makes a big difference to get up before the kids here too, but it is so hard 🙂 Thanks for sharing the mom chart site. I am going to check it out.

  3. tntstanifer permalink
    January 21, 2009 12:45 pm

    Thanks for the information on the chore list. I really needed this!

  4. January 24, 2009 11:42 pm

    Isn’t wonderful when your kids sleep in? I’m always so thankful when mine do that too.

    Ok, I am heading over to that site to check it out. I’ve got a good feeling about it. Thanks for sharing the info.

  5. Angela permalink
    January 29, 2009 5:38 am

    I am going to go straight to that site- I am about to create a site that is MEAN MOM , because I feel like a drill sarge!

    I am so glad that you are doing better- I was really worried, but you sound so much better now. I went through about 3 weeks of just the yucks myself- so I can fully relate. I too, think that I am back now.

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