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January 30, 2009


Why I didn’t clean out my shower head before now!  A toothpick and a overnight soak in vinegar was all it took and I can now shower in record time.  The water pressure in our shower head has never been great.  DH’s excuse was always, “We’re in the city, lots of people are showering at the same time in the morning, that’s just how it is.”  Baloney.  It’s gotten steadily worse, but the only time I think about it is when I’m actually in the shower, trying to wash my hair (I have lots) in less than 20 minutes.  Finally yesterday, after it was down to little more than a trickle, I had DH pull the head off.  Lo and behold, the top of it was filled up with gunk.  I don’t know how any water ever got through.  I scraped it out and wow, I was almost blown away by the water pressure this morning!  It was the highlight of my day!

Why we have yet another concert with only 2 rehearsals.  Hopefully the audience tomorrow night will be much more focused on the amazing concerto winners at the piano (like the 14-year-old playing Rhapsody in Blue) to notice a few mistakes in the orchestra.  It’s hard to pull something together that quickly.  At least I think it is, or maybe I just have a bad attitude about orchestra lately (or maybe just in general this week.)  Most of the music really isn’t that bad.  There’s just those 16th-notes in the Beethoven and then the Tschaikovsky, which according to our conductor, pretty much plays itself.  It’s not bad at all!  Yeah, when all you have to do is wave a stick!  B-flat Minor is a very yucky key on the cello, however.  So I guess I have some more practicing to do before dress rehearsal tonight.

I’m also wondering if you were my origami paper, where would you be?

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  1. February 2, 2009 1:50 pm

    I can never find my origami paper and origami book at the same time. It is always one or the other.

    My husband recently removed some rubber thingie in our shower head and we now have the worlds best water pressure. If it were any harder it would hurt. LOVE it!!!

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