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Wow! What happened here?

March 23, 2009

It was one of those amazing, incredible, productive, why can’t we do this more often kind of mornings!!  It’s 1:30 now, A just finished piano practice and I have time to blog!  And everything is crossed off my morning to-do list.  Admittedly we had Cheerios for breakfast instead of something more substantial and I haven’t yet showered (should have put it on the list) but still…

We made bread, and did the Pledge, prayer, New Testament, history, and science together.  A did math, writing, grammar, and Latin.  I read two letter-u books with D and he did some number tracing, and C did copywork, reading, Explode the Code, and practiced Kindermusik with me, all before noon.  How did we manage that?  I think everyone was ready for some routine again!  I know I was.

Just a side note–I discovered the best tool for Latin practice,!  A spent about 30 minutes reviewing the past few Latin chapters with the games for Prima Latina.  This may be our new favorite subject!

So, for the spring break that wasn’t really a break, I accomplished quite a bit on my list.  I love having things to cross off.  Ideally though, spring break would be about 4 weeks long: one week to clean, one week to do school planning, one week to get caught up on reading and practicing, and one week to just…be.  As it was I did quite a bit of practicing (and even kept A practicing piano), I cleaned only a bit, read only a bit, planned more for next year’s school rather than the last 10 weeks of this year, and hardly had any time to sit, do nothing, and just be. 

I never did clean the entryway (that should probably be today’s job since it’s snowing and we can’t go to the park), didn’t make it to the post office, didn’t blog much, didn’t do enough school planning (but at least I know where we’re headed), and the taxes still aren’t complete.  I’m a procrastinator.

But I did:

  • Get over whatever the time change did to me–I tried getting up much much earlier than usual and even with two very late nights this week, I feel human again!
  • Give the music room a good sweeping
  • Get fairly caught up on laundry, I just have a basket of miscellaneous items that never seem to get completely put away
  • Find a Doctrine and Covenants reading chart
  • Update my RS email list
  • Pay my library fines
  • Pay my cello insurance $$
  • Pay the bills
  • Buy more books for next year (and didn’t feel a bit guilty after seeing the massive amount of overtime on DH’s last paycheck!)
  • Help D make his sculpture for Kindermusik class, he wanted a cow so we sculpted a cow
  • Practice Kindermusik with C though not nearly enough
  • Print out lesson plans and projects from the Explorers Time Travelers cd that we’ll be adding to history in the next few weeks
  • File a lot of school papers that have been stacking up
  • Call all over the valley looking for white handkerchiefs (There were none to be found, you’d think there was a temple dedication or something going on this weekend!)
  • Scrub most of the kitchen, I just have one countertop that is a magnet for “stuff” and never seems to be completely clean.

Add to that one piano lesson, 4 cello students, 2 Kindermusik classes, 2 orchestra rehearsals, 1 concert of mine Saturday night, 1 Utah Symphony children’s concert on Saturday morning, a Relief Society musical program and lunch, and The Marriage of Figaro Friday night after realizing DH and I both had a night free and were able to snatch up two of the few remaining tickets at the last minute!  Which turned out to be wonderful.  Even though DH’s work called him during the overture and he had to go out in the lobby for a few minutes, he came back and we enjoyed our time together.

Can I go take a nap now?

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  1. March 23, 2009 5:06 pm

    Random story: In Primary on Sunday, the younger kids drew pictures and got to share them with the group. D made and “H”. He told us he made a letter, but he didn’t know which one. He was very excited about it!

  2. March 23, 2009 9:11 pm

    You not only deserve a nap but a trophy and a medal and some sort of Nobel Amazing Mom prize!

    I love it when I have days like this.

  3. March 23, 2009 11:16 pm

    oooh – rub some of that productiveness off on me, would ya?!?!

  4. March 23, 2009 11:53 pm

    So that’s where all the productivity went! Glad you were able to get so much done AND spend time with your husband.

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