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So far, so good

March 24, 2009

We started preparing for our next concert tonight.  I almost took the night off from rehearsal because DH didn’t know when he’d be home from work, but I’m glad he made it home in time for me to go.  We’re working with a guest conductor for this next concert and he was so fun to work with, not to mention funny.  We started with Hugo Alfven’s Swedish Rhapsody Midsommarvaka and there was a part in it where he told the violins that they were trying way too hard.  The point was not to play the right notes.  “Change bows in the right place and fake it.  Just fake it together and nothing else matters.  If the composer had wanted it to sound better, he would have written. . . slower notes!”  Now there’s advice I can follow! 

The cello section had a similar passage.  “Don’t try to hit every single note, noone will be able to tell if you’re playing every 16th-note triplet.  Use only one finger if you really want to.  We just need the effect.”  I’m still going to spend some practice time on it though. 

I really should have practiced today.  I took my cello to C’s Kindermusik class to demonstrate and made some memory mistakes in playing Vivaldi Sonata #3.  Why do I get nervous when the audience is a bunch of 5-year-olds?  They didn’t care, but I would have liked to do better.

On the homefront, we had another successful day of school although C wasn’t quite as willing to work as yesterday.  The newness of being back in the routine has already worn off.  D did much better though.   He was really grumpy yesterday and complained about everything from not wanting to get dressed to whining about how hard setting the table is and how he hates that job.  Today he slept in until after 9:30.  I think our late nights last week finally caught up to him and he was much more cheerful and compliant when he finally got up. 

Hopefully we’ll keep this up.  Amazing days always seem to happen on Mondays and the rest of the week kind of goes downhill from there.

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  1. March 26, 2009 12:01 am

    Your conductor sounds like a very smart guy.
    Mondays are usually my most productive days as well, but I somehow missed out this Monday and I feel like we’ve been drowning all week because of it.

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