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Weekly Report 30

March 28, 2009

We really had a great week.  I was surprised that we all jumped back into the routine enthusiastically and it went so smoothly after taking last week off (with only a few small bouts of whining and Mommy banning all toys to the basement during school hours).  We did have some changes though in science and history and I at least feel invigorated to finish out the year now. 

D: Kumon letters: 4 pages of tracing k, x, y, z
Kumon Numbers: 17 pages of tracing numbers 1-10
Letter U: Not much to do for U this week.  We read about up, umbrellas, and The Ugly Duckling, and forgot to talk about Utah.



C: ETC: 5 pages on short-i words
Math: We skipped 3 pages on counting nickels and dimes, he just doesn’t get it right now.  We’ll keep practicing counting by 5s and 10s and I’m sure it will make sense eventually.  So after that decision, he went ahead and finished the rest of Earlybird Math 2B!!  He is so excited to start a new math book next week.
Reading: Lessons 121-123
Copywork: 3 pages of letter D and E


A: Math: Exercises 4, 5, Practice 1A, 1B, and 1C  in Singapore 3A
Grammar: Lesson 118, 122, 123 on plural nouns
Cursive: Letter R
Writing: 2 assignments in Writing with Ease
Latin: Finished lesson 17 and had much fun reviewing at

Science: We started astronomy this week and read about the solar system, and narrated for notebook pages.  I’m going to double up on some weeks and we’ll still have to study astronomy into the summer, but that’s ok.  We all like it.  I also spent more time looking for a good chemistry curriculum for next year that will work for both a 3rd and a 1st grader. 


Music: I don’t think we listened to anything this week, but last Saturday we all went to the Utah Symphony children’s concert in the morning and then everyone came to hear my symphony concert in the evening, although C and D both slept through most of it.  Poppa was out of town this week so A got a week off from piano, but C and D both went to Kindermusik and I took my cello to demonstrate for C’s class.  He was so excited to have me there. 

Art: We read a biography of Giotto and finally pulled out Artistic Pursuits again (I’ve had good intentions for weeks) and did a scratch art project with pastels.  It’s hard to tell, but C drew a “rickety, old barn,” D made a spinning wheel, and A did flowers, a tree, and a boy.


History: We started off the week reading about Ferdinand and Isabella, then moved on to Portugal and Prince  Henry the Navigator.  They did the mapwork and watched a short video about Spain.  Then we started the Time Travelers: New World Explorers study and so far we’re loving it.  We talked about what an explorer does, what life would have been like on a ship, the anatomy of a ship, and cartography.  We compared a regular map of the world with the Ptolemaic map.  We also started reading David Macaulay’s SHIP about an underwater excavation of a Spanish caravel. 



FIAR: We started The Story of Ferdinand and talked about Spain.  I never seem to do the full FIAR five subject area lessons anymore.  A lot of the books I have picked out go along with our history and so we read them a few times and that’s about it.  Everything else feels redundant because C still remembers doing all of the FIAR activities along with A a few years back.

Other Literature: We finished listening to Kipling’s Stories from the Jungle in the car and started The Penderwicks.  We’re also reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH aloud after the cd had a scratch in it.  In the last two weeks A has read Frightful’s Mountain, ACE the Very Important Pig, The Cuckoo Child, and Tall Timber Tales, More Paul Bunyan Stories.  C has read to me Oliver & Amanda and the Big Snow, Small Pig by Arnold Lobel, and Danny and the Dinosaur Treasury by Syd Hoff.  I on the other hand haven’t read much of anything other than The Door in the Wall.  Our quiet reading time keeps falling by the wayside. 

Other Activities: Our homeschool group park days started back up and I am so glad it stopped snowing so we could get out of the house and run off some energy yesterday.  We’re missing last week’s wonderfully warm weather. 

Other than that and finalizing curriculum for next year, I’ve been concentrating on organizing things for school before I go to bed instead of scrambling in the morning.  I know, what a concept!  I got the school table completely cleaned off and now the only things allowed back on are a pile of school work for each child, my master notebook, the pencil can, crayons, and a file folder in the middle for any and all loose pages of work generated throughout the week.  That has cut back on so much clutter, and on Friday I know exactly where all of our work is so I can add to our weekly report instead of searching the room for every last paper.  Why it took 30 weeks of school to figure that little trick out, I have no idea.  But I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!  Especially if it runs as smoothly as this week has. 

I can dream, can’t I?

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  1. March 28, 2009 4:24 pm

    Just curious, do you keep this record for yourself or for state requirements? It is just very complete and very well done, it made me wonder.

  2. March 29, 2009 3:55 am

    Your scratch art pictures came out great! My kids loved that project. Used up all of our pastels though I need to buy more. I am also looking at chemistry programs for a 3rd and 1st grader so will be interested in what you decide on.

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