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Week 31

April 6, 2009

This past week didn’t quite go as planned, as evidenced by the fact I’m writing this on the Monday after.  We watched more videos than we read books, we never really did history (which is very strange for us), and the whole week felt kind of crazy and mixed up schedule-wise.  The crummy Utah spring weather didn’t help either.  I am so sick of the cold and snow!  Staying inside should have helped us get more bookwork done, but I had a hard time staying focused and that of course filters down.  Still, it’s amazing what the boys can accomplish in spite of Mommy being so scatterbrained.

D: Letter V: We got off to a slow start here as I forgot to pick up letter V books at the library until Wednesday.  But we had the sound box book and D traced a V and we listened to Vivaldi’s violin music.  We also rode in the van and ate vegetables.  At least 3 of us did, D isn’t eating much of anything these days.  And we finally got a few books to read.  I especially liked Reeve Lindbergh’s The Visit about two sisters who go to visit their aunt and uncle on a farm. 


C: ETC: 5 pages, the newness is wearing off
Math: He started Singapore Math 1A and just loves it.  We did lessons 1-7 together.  He’s going to need lots more one on one teaching time than A ever did though so I think I need to tweak my schedule once again. (Schedule, I have a schedule?)
Reading: Lesson 124 (1 lesson, really, that’s all we did?  Hmmm…)
Copywork: 1 page of E

A: Math: Lessons 6, 7, 8 in Singapore 3A
Grammar: Lesson 124-126
Cursive: 3 pages of S and T
Writing: 4 assignments in Writing with Ease week 17
Latin: Lesson 18–to be verbs, we’ve been chanting, “Sum, es, est.  Sumus, estis, ent,” all week long.  It’s kind of fun, actually.

History: I don’t know why, but we never got around to history this week.  We did watch a video on Columbus though and had our sailor snacks one afternoon (beef jerky and dried fruit.)  We also squeezed some lime juice to save us from scurvy!  The resulting facial expressions were priceless.


Science: We caught up on last week’s science experiment once we finally found some thermometers, bought a desk lamp, and tracked down lightbulbs.  (You’d think it wouldn’t be so hard to complete a simple experiment!)  The other two experiments needed sunshine so we’re hoping to finish those up this week.  We learned all about the sun, learned how planets closer to the sun are hotter, did notebook pages, and watched two videos about the sun and the planets.  DH also got the IMAX documentary on the Space Station to watch for a movie night on Tuesday while I was at orchestra.

p4040493 p4040491

Music: We had Kindermusik and piano this week as usual.  We also started learning “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” for our hymn and listened to some Mendelssohn overtures as well.

Other Literature: We’re still listening to The Penderwicks in the car and are just about finished with Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.  A read Nell of Branford Hall, a fictional book based on the story of Eyam, “Plague Village”, that quarantined itself in the 1600’s after the town tailor received a shipment of flea-infested cloth from London containing the plague.  I want to read it next as well as A Parcel of Patterns, a similar novel.  Call me weird, but I’ve been fascinated by the plague ever since we studied it. 

A is now in the middle of Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard.  Officially C read Harry and the Lady Next Door and that is it.  Unofficially he’s read a LOT–he’s discovered how to read silently to himself and every time I turn around, he has his nose in a book.  I just need to train him to leave the finished books by the computer for me to keep track of. 

That pretty much sums up last week, I think.  I shouldn’t procrastinate writing these.  I don’t want to think about last week, I want to move on to this week! 

(But I should note that I am in no way obligated to write a weekly report for anyone but myself.  I just like to have them as a record of what we accomplished, our own little progress report.)

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  1. April 6, 2009 11:44 pm

    You are doing such a great job with your kids!!

  2. April 7, 2009 7:17 am

    Sometimes I wonder how we ever get anything accomplished. I feel scatterbrained quite often. Despite not doing history you did fit in a lot of other things. I think as long as you have a learning environment then kids will learn. They find books to read and plan little projects all on their own. Sometimes their projects are way better than ones I have planned but never get around to. So much learning is done even without the structured, scheduled subjects and activities.

  3. April 8, 2009 5:50 pm

    Oooh…novels about the plague. My 7yo saw an ad for a documentary about the plague and got so excited I couldn’t believe it. He made me record it and he watches it in his free time after school work. It’s 2 hours and he has a little less than 30 minutes left to watch, but I just couldn’t believe how excited he was. I thought he might not want to watch it all, but he still asks to keep watching. We’ll have to check out that book. By the way, 7yo is liking The Water Horse. That’s the only one on the list you sent me I could find in our library!

    It is funny how much kids will get done on their own. I should probably do more with my 4yo but I recently discovered she pretty much knows all her letters and can write them perfectly. She made herself a laptop out of glued and folded construction paper with a paper mouse and little boxes with letters drawn in them for the keyboard. It folded up and sealed shut with a sticker. Now how is a mom supposed to do better than that?

    Love the lime juice photo!

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