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A week’s worth of blogging

April 10, 2009

All in one post!  I don’t know where the time goes, I can’t believe it’s Friday already, but here’s what’s been on my mind this week (and I’m typing fast while DH and the boys are gone to Home Depot to get new parts for the internal workings of our toilet which vibrates and then runs and runs and runs endlessly after flushing, driving us all crazy.)   

  • Fridays are difficult.  DH is home, we want to sleep in, yet it’s still a school day and we just have a hard time getting going.  Good news! DH no longer has Fridays off! 
  • Now he has Mondays off.  I used to like Mondays…(and yes, I love him, but our routines kind of go out the window when he’s around.)
  • Now I have to rethink how the week will run.  It may actually work out better.  Usually by Friday we’re winding down and getting into weekend mode, especially if Daddy is home.  We all have a hard time concentrating on school work.  Having him home on Monday… I just don’t know how it will work.  I guess in 3 days we’ll start to find out!
  • There was a great thread today on the WTM forums about how to make school fun.  There were some fabulous ideas that I could use a lot more often.  I feel like we’re in a rut sometimes (fun mom went on vacation and never came back) and while my kids are fairly compliant and generally get their work done without too much complaining, it might be nice to use some hot pink dry-erase markers for Latin once in a while.
  • I am getting bored with the look of the blog, so don’t be surprised if I change it up in days to come.
  • I found a gorgeous cursive writing program/art study set.  I want it for somebody.  I really don’t need it though. 
  • The problem with homeschooling these days is that there are just way too many great curriculum ideas to pick from! 
  • I’m still working on next year’s plans, but I think I’ve just about got it all figured out.
  • I am really happy with our Time Travelers New World Explorers study we’re working on right now.  I’m just going crazy trying to print off all the pages for everything in white paper, or colored paper.  Or some need cardstock.  I can see why Winterpromise sells kits with everything ready to go.  $59 is almost worth it for the effort I’ve exerted at my printer lately (except I’m cheap.)
  • Speaking of Winterpromise, their American history curriculum sets look terribly appealing, but I can’t see spending that much money for just one subject for one year. 
  • I laughed so hard I cried over this account of a bagpiper providing music for a wedding ceremony. 
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re slobs around here after completely losing it and yelling at my children (and myself) last Saturday night.  It wasn’t pretty.  More on this to come, I’m sure.
  • Somebody got something out of my little rant though because D is faithfully picking up every book on cd when he’s done listening to it and returning it to the book basket in the living room.
  • We really and truly now have reservations to sleep in a teepee at Bryce Canyon in August.  I hope I survive.  Of course I’ll be taking my air mattress and my memory foam pillow…
  • Something much better to look forward to:  Susan Wise Bauer, author of The Well-Trained Mind is the keynote speaker for the Utah Home Education Association convention on June 6.  I’m going!  Anybody want to join me?
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  1. April 10, 2009 6:02 pm

    Oh, I’d so go….except that we’ll be up there on the 8th for swim camp and I don’t think I could stretch our welcome at the relatives out that long!!

  2. April 11, 2009 10:49 am

    you will love Susan Wise Baurer. I got to here her speak here in Texas and it was great. She is fun to listen to.

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