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Nothing to do with Oompa Loompas

April 22, 2009

Highlights of Wednesday:

  • I tried the “fun mom” thing and did math and reading with C inside of the folding card table/blanket tent.  One day my back will recover from hunching over.
  • We started learning the times tables in earnest with our Memorize in Minutes: The Times Tables book.  I’ve had it on the shelf since last spring and finally decided to pull it down now that A is back to multiplication in his Singapore book.  I think it will be a very enjoyable (and effective!) addition to our schedule.
  • We went to Grandma and Poppa’s house today and overnight it seems like the world has turned from brown to green.  Trees finally have blossoms and tiny green leaves coming out.  It was a beautiful drive and we enjoyed the sunshine outside this afternoon.  (Even more so after we went to the Dollar Store to buy more trowels so C and D would quit arguing over the one Grandma had, because they’ve misplaced the other two she used to have.) 
  • My conversation with C: (who’s been fascinated with the Titanic since we studied the letter T)
    “When did the Titanic sink?”  I said I thought it was in 1912.  Grandma said she had a book on the Titanic, which of course C wanted to see so we found it and started looking.  Then he asked, “What were the two other ships like the Titanic?”  And then thinking aloud, “Hmmm, I think one was the Oompa Loompic and the other one…”When I finally quit laughing, I told him it was the Olympic.  Oompa loompas go with Charlie and the chocolate factory. 

    Someday we’ll go back to Halifax and I promised him he could see the Titanic artifacts in the Maritime Museum there and the Titanic graves in the cemetery. 

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