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Weekly Report 36

May 9, 2009

Week 36, shouldn’t we be done?  We’re not.  We’ve taken enough days off that we still need a couple more weeks to truly finish our 180 days and we still have 8 chapters to cover in Story of the World.  When history is finished, then we’re done!

We did ok this week.  I’ve been busy preparing for a concert and school has been less scheduled than usual, but we still got quite a bit accomplished.  I just don’t like the feeling of waking up in the morning and not having a clear idea of just what will happen that day, but everything worked out.  In about two weeks, most of our outside activities will have ended for the year and I look forward to lots more reading time together and more time to just relax together.  Although we’re in the process of looking for a new house, so I don’t know how long that relaxation will last! 

D (Preschool)
Letter Z: He traced the letter Z, did a Z maze, and we read a lot of books about the zoo.  We’ll head to the zoo on Monday when DH is able to go with us.

C (Kindergarten)
a very few pages–I think we’ve hit the point where this is just busywork.  He reads fine and spells the 3-letter words fine so we probably won’t finish the book.
Math: Exercises 28-30 review simple addition and subtraction
Reading: Lessons 149-156 silent letters and R-changed vowels
Copywork: Letter M and R

A (2nd grade)
Exercises 48, 49, 50 in the money section and we’re still learning multiplication facts with Memorize in Minutes
Grammar: Lessons 159-169 on linking verbs and contractions
Cursive: Letter Y
Writing with Ease: 4 assignments for week 22
Latin: Lesson 22

Science: We read about Jupiter and filled out a notebook page.  I’ve been skipping most of the experiments lately because I just haven’t felt up to doing them.  One week we’ll get caught up.  We also did the outdoor hour challenge this week and went to the aviary.

Music: Everyone had music classes and lessons, but other than that, we haven’t listened to anything new although I do have a cd of Holst’s Planets here just waiting.  I thought I’d tie music into science for a change.

History: We read SOTW chapter 34 this week about Martin Luther and King Henry VIII.  They did the mapwork and colored.  I also listened to four history lectures in the car this week on the Hundred Years’ War and the Black Death (only because our book on cd got a scratch in it.)  They were asking relevant questions so I assume A and C were listening as well.  I had intended to get caught up on some of our supplemental reading, but have been consumed with thoughts of practicing Beethoven instead.  A also filled out a Tudor family tree.  This child loves anything resembling genealogy.  I can’t wait to get him started on some real research.


Other Literature: A finished Outlaw Red and C reads a lot, but I don’t know any individual titles this week.  We finally finished Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH together.  I finished reading Our Sacred Honor, a Revolutionary War novel and am now reading The Four Voyages by Christopher Columbus.

Other Activities: This was the week for other activities!  DH took the boys to the natural history museum on Monday and we went to the aviary on Thursday.  Homeschool park day was yesterday where I found out we could have gone to a local Renaissance festival for $1 each.  Today it’s $12 for me and $6 for each of the boys.  DH has to work at noon, so I think we’ll just stay home instead!

Enjoying the tree trunk stepping stones at the aviary:


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