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The end is in sight

May 26, 2009

Much rambling ahead…

We have 2 1/2 more weeks of school to go.  And boy has it been hard getting motivated to keep going just a while longer after being sick, and being on vacation, and the holiday yesterday didn’t help much either.  But we will keep going another 2 1/2 weeks.  We have to finish history.

Last week I was thinking aloud about how we could finish six more chapters in three weeks.  A looked up and said, “Just read two chapters a week!”  It’s that simple!  So that’s what we’ll do.  I am determined to finish up this book this year.  I feel very strongly about going through world history chronologically every four years.  I know some people take their time and meander through history taking time to read everything about a subject, follow every whim, do every project in the book.  I think there’s a time and place for that and it is not now, at least not for us.  In this, our first run-through of world history, I’m mainly hoping for exposure.  Some subjects have been very memorable, some, I can’t even remember and I doubt they do either and it’s ok.  We’ll come back to it all (hopefully) two more times before they’re through high school so I don’t want to get bogged down now. 

But I feel a little worried about overkill as in the next three weeks we still have to learn about the Reformation, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Walter Raleigh, Roanoke Colony, Jacques Cartier, and the Spanish Armada.  Not to mention the chapter on Galileo and Copernicus which we’re throwing in with science rather than history.  I would love to spend a little more time on a few of those subjects, but I’m also so ready for a break. (And it’s totally my own fault that we got so behind.)

I need a complete break every once in a while, time to just be.  I’m not one of those that says, oh yes, we’re done for the year, but over the summer we’ll still do reading and math and writing and Latin and science and music practice and…every day!  (Of course A will practice piano every day, never fear, Poppa!)  And I do realize many skills can be lost over a long summer break, which is why I don’t like doing a long summer break! 

Ideally I planned to finish up mid-June, move, and start back up again towards the end of July in a new house.  Realistically though, we have no idea where or when we’ll be moving.  Also, the thought of packing up this house utterly overwhelms me at the moment, and I haven’t even begun to plan for next year.  Although I do at least have a stack of books just waiting for me to begin leafing through.  In another idealistic moment of thought, I was going to have a basic plan for next year completely written out before we finish this year so I can really have a complete break.  Ha!  That is not going to happen in the next two weeks!

So I’m resigned to putting in some work over my “summer” break.  Hopefully it won’t seem to take all summer to finish it like last year.  I didn’t feel like I got much of a vacation last summer.  I have a stack of books I’m looking forward to reading in more than 15-minute increments here and there.  And because I have no idea what’s up with the house situation, we probably will do some work one or two days a week, especially since C is just beginning to read and do math. 

Speaking of reading and math, the next few weeks really won’t be that bad.  There’s not much pressure to do a lot of work, history excepted.  A will finish grammar and Latin for sure.  A and C are both in the middle of math and are actually ahead of grade level so I’m not pushing them to get to a certain point.  We’re always reading books and don’t use a reading curriculum, so no pressure there.  A will not finish Writing with Ease 2, but that’s ok because we didn’t even start it until October and volume 3 isn’t even published yet.  And we’re so far behind in science, it doesn’t really matter either.  We’ll finish learning about the planets and can study the stars over the summer.  That’s the ideal season to go stargazing anyway, in terms of outdoor temperature anyway.  So we definitely won’t be slaving away at the books for too long when the weather is so appealing now!  It really shouldn’t be too bad.  I’m glad the end is in sight though!

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  1. May 27, 2009 8:10 am

    I felt bad last year when we crammed in the last few chapters of SOTW just because I needed to be done with it. Then it happened again this year. We really rushed through the last bunch of chapters. This seems to be a pattern so I just have to plan our school year to end in April. Summer starts in May. That is when everything seems to fall apart for us and we need to play more and spend more time outside, so book work takes a side line. I do like to have a schedule and continue to “do school” during our summer but make it a lot lighter and fun. Unit studies on fun subjects has worked so far.

    Hang in there. Two more weeks… you can make it. Those last few chapters aren’t that interesting anyway…. well…. Elizabeth I and Shakespeare were interesting but the rest were easy to gloss over.

  2. May 27, 2009 8:57 am

    I miss your family already! I knew you were planning on moving this summer, but I think I just realized how close it really is. Call us to help pack, move, clean, whatever. Oh, and when you decide on a home, you’ll have to let us know that too. I’m excited for you guys. Sad. But excited.

  3. May 30, 2009 7:33 am

    Woo wee! End-of-the-year-burn-out, I’m right there with ya.

    It sounds like you guys are still doing lots of great things, though. And I think, because you’ve trained your kids so well in the pattern of learning, that they will learn even if you take a break from “formal” school.

    Let’s get together soon and celebrate the end being in sight! (Plus I need to try to influence you to move into our neighborhood)

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