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Week 38

May 30, 2009

There isn’t much to show this week.  We had three days of school, taking Monday off for the holiday and Wednesday…well, school just didn’t happen.  At least Kindermusik and my orchestra rehearsals have ended for the summer so we really have nowhere we have to be during the week except for an afternoon of cello students at Grandma’s house and that will be only twice a month through August.  We’re enjoying the slower pace already. 

Our biggest activity was today when we went to the Neverending Pinewood Derby Race.  A won his first Pinewood Derby (nevermind there were only 2 scouts in his pack) so got to go on to the district race along with a whole lot of other scouts.  It took forever to race all those cars.  Even the announcer kept joking that it would just go on and on and on.  He said he would just keep reading the names that came up on the computer screen but had his doubts about whether it was ever really going to be finished.  Three hours later… A got 10th place overall!  He built a pretty fast little car and had a great time.  And just because we were in the mood, DH rented Down and Derby so we could see just how obsessed some fathers get over their sons’ derby cars.  It was really fun and we laughed a lot.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, but here’s what we did:

D (Preschool)
Nothing of consequence to report with this kid.  He’s finished the alphabet and we need to review all the letters.  He remembers a lot, but not all of them, but is adamant that he will read when he is 5.  He did a few pages of letter tracing and spent a lot of time playing his Thomas the Tank Engine bingo/matching game.  I need to figure out what to do with him next year.  I feel like I’ve been doing preschool with somebody for the last 5 years.  Oh, wait, I have been doing preschool something or other for the last 5 years.  I need some new ideas.

C (Kindergarten)
Math: Review 1 and 2 in Singapore 1A
Reading: Lesson 163-168
Copywork: Letter R, S, T

A (2nd grade)
Exercise 18, 19, practice 3A and continued review of multiplication–I think review of the multiplication tables will be our focus for the summer, they’re just not memorized yet.
Grammar: Lesson 172-176 plus a review lesson
Writing with Ease: 1 lesson, that’s all!
Latin: Lesson 24, plural endings for the first declension.  Last week was the singular endings, and they’re kind of abstract.  I think it will make more sense when we actually study some nouns with those endings. 

Science: We learned about Saturn and did notebook pages. 

Music: We listened to The Planets by Gustav Holst some more.  A had a piano lesson.

History: We read SOTW chapter 36 on Reformation and Counter-Reformation and did the mapwork.  We also read a biography of Johannes Gutenberg and a book about the history of paper and printing. 

Other Literature: A is reading Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the Tudors and C has started reading My Father’s Dragon to me, but he isn’t very thrilled with it.  The reading is just right for him, but he doesn’t like having so much text and so few pictures.  So he also read Tales of Oliver Pig, which is essentially a picture book with a little bit of text that was way too easy for him.  We’re listening to The Rescuers in the car and I’ve been reading Homeschooling by Gregory and Martine Millman.

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