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Finis! The Final Report–

June 15, 2009

This was it, our final week!  The end of 2nd grade for one and kindergarten for another, and no, we didn’t do a kindergarten graduation or anything like that!  We didn’t do much actually to celebrate the end of anything, a Renaissance feast would have been really great, but the way I’ve felt the past 5 weeks, we were just lucky to get to this point. 

The biggest thing we’ve learned in the last month?  “Morning” sickness is the biggest misnomer ever and we found out just how routines and everything else kind of fall apart around here when the Mom is utterly wiped out and spends the majority of the day lounging on the couch trying to keep food down.  It has been really hard, to say the least!  And I have more to say on that score, but for now, here’s what we accomplished.  We finished everything we intended to!  I put forth a colossal effort and we really had a pretty great week!

C (Kindergarten)
Math: Exercises 37-40, adding to 20, he’s doing really well and I plan to keep working through the summer so he’ll continue to get it.
Reading: Lessons 176-189, 42 lessons left!
Copywork: Letter U, X, Y, Z

A (2nd grade)
Exercises 22-24 and one review–He’s loving the multi-digit multiplication, we just need to get those facts memorized!  They’re coming, but our focus over the summer will be multiplication tables.
Grammar: Finished!  Finally!  He’s worked so hard since he was only half way through the first grade grammar at the beginning of this year and finished it and all of the second grade grammar.  It will be so nice to only do grammar three times a week next year and not feel the constant need to catch up.
Latin: Finished Prima Latina!  We probably could have done a lot more review this week, but I’m considering us done!  It’s been a great year getting a taste for Latin.  We’re both excited to move on and get more serious with Latina Christiana next year.  (And that title just makes me smile!)

Science: We finished talking about the planets and did notebook pages on Neptune and Pluto and also talked about why Pluto isn’t considered a planet anymore.  We also took a vote and we’d like it to remain a planet.  So there.  We also read a biography of Galileo, Starry Messenger, and we made a space mural with cutouts from  It is in no way, shape, or form, an accurate representation of the solar system with 2 Jupiters, 3 Saturns, and no rhyme or reason to it.  Not to mention the sun is way too small because A was miffed there wasn’t a cutout for it so he made his own.  It was more of an art project and there are still dozens of stars to tape on because I got tired of cutting them out for everyone.


We’re still going to do an accurate model outside with sidewalk chalk, but once again, it has poured rain almost every day this week.  A also reminds me that we still have to make a volcano.  We’re going to have some science days this summer for sure and we’ll keep going with our astronomy studies.  We’re all anxious to do some real stargazing.

History: We blew through the final three chapters of Story of the World, reading and doing the mapwork.  We read some good biographies of Elizabeth I and Shakespeare, as well as some books on the Spanish Armada.  We also watched a video on kings and queens of England from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth I.  It was a nice review.  Projects from those last few chapters (along with any others from the past 5 weeks or so) will also get done this summer if the boys so choose.  But I can at least say that we finished the book!  The last chapter in particular was great as it took us around the world in a summary of the entire year and we got to be amazed at everything we’ve learned.  We truly have been around the world!  It was a fabulous history year. 

Other Literature: We read one of my favorite ABC books, A Queen’s Progress: An Elizabethan Alphabet and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, retold by Bruce Coville.  The boys also watched it on Shakespeare’s Animated Tales.  A read Mystery of the Pirate’s Ghost and C has read several books, which he always forgets to tell me about. 


Other Activities: Last Saturday they went fishing with DH and scouts, then made it up to Hill AFB (with tens of thousands of other people) for the air show with the Thunderbirds.  DH says we need a faster camera to capture planes like that, but he did get a few more shots I’ll share on Wednesday.


DH also had his work shifted on Thursday so he didn’t have to go in until 4 p.m.  The downside was he had to work until 2 a.m., but  the upside was he got to take the boys to This is the Place Monument and Pioneer Village for the Huntsman free admission day.  I wanted to go, but knew I did not have the energy to take them so I was really grateful they got to go with Daddy.  They forgot the camera, but they all had a great time riding the train, getting free ice cream, and seeing all the pioneer shops and how stuff worked back then. 

And that’s it, we’re done!  Can I have a nap now?

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  1. June 16, 2009 2:46 am

    WOW! What a week. I remember the dreaded morning sickness- I was just soooo tired for the 1st few months, I started to think I had narcolepsy!

    I love the solar system- it looks fantastic!

    Enjoy your summer break!


  2. June 16, 2009 8:56 am

    You really did give the week a monumental effort. That is a lot to cover and read normally but add in the fact that Mom feels lousy and has no energy and it is amazing. I bet it feels great to be done. For a little while.

    I hope the rain clears up and things look a little more sunny around your parts.

  3. June 20, 2009 2:57 pm

    Wow! You really did get a lot accomplished. I did not know that you suffered from infertility. I suffered for many years before I had my two sons.

    May the bless and keep you this day!


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