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First tooth gone!

June 24, 2009


And he is sooo excited!

He noticed it was wiggly last Wednesday at Grandma’s house and was so surprised.  He wiggled and wiggled and wiggled it all day long.  After dinner he could almost lay it over horizontally.  I told him he should just pull it out and be done with it.  So he did!

And that is the difference between my oldest two boys.  Whenever A has a loose tooth, he’ll play around with it for a little while, but resists all efforts to have it pulled out–“It might hurt, Mom.”  He’s happy to just let them fall out on their own, weeks later, sometimes after his big teeth have already come in, which is why he spent the majority of last summer and fall with three front teeth. 

C is so thrilled to lose more teeth, especially after I assured him we could cut corn-on-the-cob off the cob if his front teeth should come out before corn season is over.

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  1. June 26, 2009 7:06 am

    My 5 year old just lost his first tooth too, same one. He was a church wiggling it but had no idea why it was wiggly. lol

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