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Summer school

June 29, 2009

I feel the need to let school just slide this summer so I can concentrate on finding a new house, packing up this house, scrubbing 5,673 fingerprints off the walls, and continuing to grow a baby (which now that I’ve hit the 2nd trimester I’m really hoping some energy comes back even though I’m anticipating another month or so of “morning” sickness.) 

But if I don’t have some kind of planned structure, even minimally, I’m just not that effective with my time.  The past two summers we’ve taken four weeks or so to do a unit study (trains one year, airplanes last year) but I’m just not up to planning that much this year.  So the plan is to do math every morning along with quiet reading time.  Then

  • Mondays are field trips and/or projects with Daddy
  • Tuesdays are for science, we’re still finishing up our astronomy studies
  • Wednesdays are for cello lessons every other week, the off weeks I haven’t decided on yet although A wants to learn to cook
  • Thursdays are for history and reading aloud Birthdays of Freedom which will lead us up to the founding of this country next fall
  • Fridays are for art and homeschool park day (every other week)

It’s been interesting to watch what the boys have done over the past two weeks.  After a few days of nonstop train track building from one end of the house to the other, they’ve turned to other projects and been pretty creative on their own, although we still need more structure. 

A enjoyed two days of cub scout camp and really liked the archery and the shooting.  In fact, DH was with him that day and said he nailed every one of his targets.  It was a proud Daddy moment even though they haven’t really practiced shooting.  He said it must be in the genes.  After working on the computer with me to make a healthy habits chart for his wolf badge, he decided he wants to learn how to type. 

C has expressed an interest in learning to draw, so we’ll be pulling Drawing with Children back off the shelf.  Both C and D want to study dinosaurs.  If I can dredge up the energy to go to the library this week, I’m going to teach them how to find books they’re interested in and let them check out their own books on the topics they want to study so we can practice more self-directed learning than we’ve really been doing.  Again, I will need everyone to be a little more self-sufficient this next school year. 

So that’s the plan for the boys.  For myself, I’m finishing up listening to the Teaching Company’s Late Middle Ages lectures and continuing to read.  All the books I’ve had on hold at the library have all come in at the same time so I’m trying to get through the pile before they’re due back.  I’m also starting to pack up our own books, I think I can handle packing a box or two a day.  I have some massive amounts of shredding to do as I declutter and the dining room table is still covered with vestiges of 2nd grade school work that needs to be taken care of. 

And I foresee banana bread in the near future.  Bananas are about the only fruit I can stomach so DH bought a lot of them for me.  I only eat green or barely ripe bananas (I have as many quirks as our house does.)  I cannot stand even the smell of overripe bananas.  But banana bread is sure yummy.

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  1. June 30, 2009 9:04 am

    Please let me know if you need any help. Oh, and I totally agree with you on the bananas!

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