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Science Tuesday

July 1, 2009

Topic for the day: Virus and the human body

Vocabulary Word: Quarantine –noun  1. a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease.  –verb (used with object)  1. to put in or subject to quarantine.  2. to exclude, detain, or isolate for political, social, or hygienic reasons.

Practical application: A is sick.  With what, who knows.  He developed a fever late yesterday afternoon and has a bad cough and sore throat, aches, pains, chills, fatigue.  All of which could indicate swine flu.  Can I say we’re not excited?  DH stayed home from work because he’s not feeling so hot either and took A to the doctor.  Diagnosis–not swine flu and not strep throat, but try to keep him quarantined from pregnant Mommy as much as possible.

Well, that made our day fun.  Poor A has basically had to stay in his bedroom all by himself all day to stay away from me, plus we don’t want the other two to catch whatever it is either.  Of course they spent the whole day together yesterday and all of them went to Primary together on Sunday, so we’ll just see.

I’m not feeling sick, but I sure am tired.  C and I were going to do some math and reading together this morning, but he wanted to listen to a book on tape first so I sat down and went in and out of sleep for a couple hours.  I took another nap after dinner on the couch and now I’m wiiiiiiiide awake.  C and D are now asleep on the living room floor while A is quarantined in his room. 

So much for being more energetic this week.  It should be interesting.

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  1. July 1, 2009 6:06 am

    I am glad you don’ t have swine- I was in panic when I read this- Take care

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