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Still here, someone’s still sick…

July 3, 2009

This is one nasty bug we’ve got here.  A’s fever finally broke tonight.  Of course we thought that last night and it returned this morning.  But he feels really cool.  Or so DH says.  He won’t let me anywhere near the kid.  A’s spent the past four days in his room quarantined away from the rest of us except for brief forays to the bathroom and kitchen when we’re not in them.  Surprisingly he’s been really good-natured about it.  He’s watched way too many movies on DH’s laptop and has started reading Harry Potter.  He’s getting kind of bored though.  Tomorrow we decided we’ll set up the card table and he can do a big jigsaw puzzle all by himself without worrying about little brothers’ “help” and I printed him off some long dot-to-dots.  What a way to spend the holiday, huh?

But so far it’s working.  None of the rest of us seem to catching whatever it is.  And we don’t even know what it is.  DH called the doctor’s office again because A was on day five of the fever, but though he has symptoms of swine flu and strep, both tests were negative.  They said there’s another particularly nasty viral something or other going around right now and it could probably last another 3-5 days.  Oh, and they’d love it if we didn’t infect anyone else.  So I’m not sure if that means none of us are supposed to leave the house or what. 

I’m already starting to get cabin fever.  DH has been home the whole week because they don’t want his whole department infected with anything.  We’ve been lounging around, watching movies, playing with toys, reading, and doing nothing terribly important in no kind of routine.  And it’s different not having A out here interacting with us and talking to us.  I really miss him.  It’s a completely different dynamic with just C and D around all day.  I’ll be so glad when this runs its course and we can get back to some sense of normal. 

My summer school plans went out the window for this week, although we have watched a video on Galileo and C finished reading My Father’s Dragon and two other books I picked up for him at the library.  He’s been resisting reading more challenging books because of the smaller text and fewer pictures even though he knows all the words.  Then yesterday he brought it to me and said, “I read the whole thing silently!”  So he’s really taking off with his reading. 

He’s also been very interested in Pearl Harbor since Grandma and Poppa returned from Hawaii.  He asked if he could watch Pearl Harbor.  We said no…but maybe Tora, Tora, Tora would be a good choice instead.  I don’t know, what do you do with a 6-year-old who wants to learn more about World War II???

We’ve also discovered that if you turn the car mat over (you know the kind with a town with roads and buildings on it), it functions nicely as a desert airfield for your B-17 bomber toys.  I also heard them talking about building siege towers with their legos and a few days ago C turned to me in all earnestness and asked, “What’s the name of that island where the evil king with the Minotaur lived?”  I suppose a little review of ancient history could count for history this week.  And for science they’ve been devouring some new dinosaur books I picked up at the library.   

As for me, I’ve been waited upon hand and foot practically by DH which has been really nice, except for the fact that eventually he’ll have to go back to work and I’ll have to start being responsible again.  But I’ve been enjoying reading the entire newspaper every day, also reading The Five Thousand Year Leap, and spending way too much time surfing the internet when I don’t have the energy to do anything else.  I also tried (and finished!) a 16×16 Sudoku puzzle just to see if I could remember how when I felt my brain turning to mush a few days ago. 

And I had a successful doctor visit yesterday.  Everything is normal and I’ve gained four pounds which is amazing, but very needed.  And it was reassuring to hear that quick little heartbeat.  I’m also on Zofran now (one very expensive drug, thank goodness for insurance) so I’m not nearly so nauseous at the moment although I really really hate taking drugs for anything.  I was just so tired of being so sick for so long.  Now I just feel weird.  And tired.   

So I’m going to bed now.

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  1. July 5, 2009 10:41 am

    So sorry about the sickness invading! That is always the pits. I am so happy for you about your pregnancy! What a joy!! We are taking a real school summer break for the first time in years. With all the stress I am having in life, it is nice just to focus on the simple things.

  2. July 7, 2009 1:34 pm

    hye i hakim from asian country..
    you have a nice blog..drop by to make a friend with you..
    keep in touch and please be my follower..thank you

  3. July 7, 2009 1:35 pm

    i also like harry poter:D

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