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First day of school

August 3, 2009

The first day of school did not go too bad!  I’m encouraged.

We didn’t even try for an early start.  We all went to bed last night later than hoped for, and I had a headache yesterday and am working through hay fever this week.  (Silly me, I thought I dodged it this year from all the rain we had and hardly leaving the house during the month of June, but it caught up to me anyway, and that probably accounts for the long, rambling posts of late–my head just isn’t very clear right now.)  DH was also home and in no mood to get up early after working until midnight last night.  But we had a decent breakfast, I actually showered, we took pictures of everyone in their new shirts (even I got one), had father’s blessings, and got down to the bookwork by 10 a.m. while DH had to go back to work for a couple hours.

I put in a colossal effort over the weekend to sort through clutter in the music room and finally got the dining room table and our little wooden table completely cleared and ready for school.  I hoped that with both tables clear and available to work at, they wouldn’t distract each other so much.  No such luck.  It’s been so long since we used the little table that everyone wanted to work there together.  It worked out ok though and everyone settled back into the routine of schoolwork pretty well.

We had the pledge, prayer, scripture study and worked on memorizing the first Article of Faith and the poem “Eletelephony” for something fun.  They really like their checklists and A got started on math while C requested to start his new grammar book.  That wasn’t too hard, and he got to make up really silly sentences to dictate to me, so he then requested Writing with Ease and once again, remembered how much he dislikes handwriting.  It was a very short sentence though and after spending 10 minutes on the first word, finished the rest of it promptly.  We still need to work on letter sizing and word spacing, but all in all, I was very pleased, both with the outcome and his attitude. 

D protested that writing the letters in Explode the Code was “just too hard,” but he did great with the phonics aspect of it and sounded out the words for each picture and figured out their beginning letters just fine.  Then C and D played with Cuisenaire rods and we called that math for the day.  C needs some serious one on one work with addition right now and I just wasn’t feeling up to it today. 

We read about meteoroids and comets for science and started Story of the World 3 for history.  Section 1 was about Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and even I was confused.  We’ve gone back in time slightly from the end of volume 2 and as I have never studied most of this before, I had trouble keeping everybody straight.  I know that the author wants to make it a story and therefore doesn’t clutter up the text with too many years and dates, but I wish they were at least noted at the end of the chapter instead of at the end of the book.  The mom, at least this mom, could really use the help even if the children don’t need to memorize dates right now.  I have a timeline printed out to put up tomorrow, if it helps no one out but me, it will be worth it.

As C is now officially a first grader, I tried to have him narrate the entire history section and it didn’t go so well.  This volume is much more difficult than volume 1 was when A was in first grade.  I don’t know if I should have him narrate shorter sections or just save narrations for his writing curriculum.  But they enjoyed the coloring pages and as we had to wait for DH to come home to take us for lunch, we began our new read aloud, Seacrow Island by Astrid Lindgren.  I loved this book as a child and we learned a new word in chapter 1–obstreperous.  I like it.

We don’t have too many first day of school traditions, mainly everyone gets a new shirt, school supplies (and they’ve already been using their crayons), and we go out to lunch at Lamb’s, Utah’s oldest restaurant.  I’m not sure why that tradition got started, but they protested loudly yesterday when I suggested that we could go somewhere else.  But we like the china lambs and antique decor.  Plus there’s a painting of George Washington on the wall.  We got to learn how to use cloth napkins and they were very well-behaved so we had a nice lunch together. 

and the food's not baaaaaad either!

and the food's not baaaaaad either!

After A practiced piano, DH took the boys to the bank to clear up a problem with our mortgage payment, to Costco, and to free day at the Museum of Natural History which I just happened to remember was today.  They had a great time and I got to take a nap while they were gone. 

First day down, 179 to go.

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  1. Mom permalink
    August 4, 2009 1:02 pm

    Thanks for sharing your first day back at school. Those boys are so cute! It souhds like you will have a great year. We need to go to Lambs some day.

  2. August 9, 2009 7:13 am

    Love the boys in their new shirts- and guess what I am starting to even get excited about starting now! I agree- having a schedule just makes things so much nice. My challenge will be just staying on the schedule. You are smart for starting early, so you can take some time off with the new baby!

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