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Weekly Report 3

August 21, 2009

It was a busy week, even though it didn’t look like it on paper on Monday.  I guess it was just getting me ready for September when both Kindermusik classes and my orchestra get going again.  A and C went to the police station with DH and A’s scout troop on Monday afternoon.  We all went to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point along with about 10,000 other people since it is only $2 admission on Tuesdays this month.  We were only there for the last hour and though it kind of felt like we were being herded through, we got our $10 worth. 

with the Supersaurus

with the Supersaurus


The highlight of schoolwork was making our replicas of the Jamestown Fort (American Revolution cd from  Now I remember why we don’t do a lot of cut-and-paste.  Mommy ends up doing most of the cutting.  Although I must say that A is really getting to an age where he does most of his own work and can take charge of a project.  C, on the other hand…well, he’s very colorful!



D (Preschool)
Several pages of number writing and tracing up to 20
Math: I found a Developmental Math book 1 and decided it was just right for D, so he’s been counting and coloring from 1-7 this week.
Explode the Code: I don’t believe we even opened ETC this week.
FIAR: We finished up Truman’s Aunt Farm by reading books about ants, coloring a carpenter ant, putting ant life cycle cards in order, listing all the different activities of the aunts in the book, playing with bug dominoes, and talking about the post office, stamps, and stamp collecting.  D wasn’t terribly interested, but I think A may have found himself a new hobby.  He spent about an hour looking at all the foreign stamps I collected when I was about his age.

FIAR-Truman's Aunt Farm

FIAR-Truman's Aunt Farm

Samples of D's work

Samples of D's work

C (1st grade)
Math: We had a meltdown or two over addition this week.  It seems like it’s a foreign language to him after the summer break.  I decided to order Developmental Math book 2 and we can take a complete break from Singapore for a while.  Book 5 was even too much so we’re starting over with single-digit addition.  DH has also decided to work on flashcards with C one-on-one and hopefully we’ll build a better foundation this time around.  For fun (or what looked like fun to him) I did give him two addition sheets from with bugs on them and he actually did really well working them out all by himself using Cuisenaire rods. 
Reading: Reading on the other hand is going great.  He did six lessons (#204-209) and finally hit some 3-syllable words that were challenging for him.  He also read a biography of Pocahontas out loud to me.
Grammar: 3 lessons
Writing with Ease 1: 4 lessons in week 3 on “Rumpelstiltzkin”

Samples of C's work

Samples of C's work

A (3rd grade):
2 Reviews and exercises 26, 27–After one more week of dividing with remainders and several meltdowns, he gets it.  Hopefully the weekend off won’t affect that again.
Grammar: 1 lesson (really, only 1? what happened there?)
Writing with Ease 3: 3 lessons from week 26
Latin: We began Latina Christiana I this week with lesson 1, all of which was a review from Prima Latina.  A did a word search and a derivative crossword from Ludere Latine and we started learning how to sing “Christus Vincit” together.  It wasn’t too bad at all.  Lesson 2 however really takes off.  This is going to be a challenge and I’m glad we’re going to take two weeks for each lesson after this.

Samples of A's work

Samples of A's work

Memory Work: Finished learning 1 Nephi 3:7 and added Latin sayings and chants back into the routine

Science: We finished up our constellation study and made four more cards for our box planetariums.  We have a stargazing trip planned for next week that we’re looking forward to. 

Art/Music: Art didn’t happen this week, but we learned the “Books in the Book of Mormon” song and began a Latin song.

History: We finished up chapter 3 in SOTW on Jamestown and made replicas of the Jamestown fort, did the mapwork, colored the Susan Constant, watched a video on Jamestown from Schlessinger Media’s Colonial Life series, and read about Jamestown and Pocahontas.  For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on early America with our Time Travelers Colonial Life cd.  I had intended to do a lot more this week, but lack of organization slowed me down.  If I can get everything printed off the cd and organized where I can find it and gather other materials for all the little hands-on projects, I think it will run pretty smoothly, but we just weren’t quite that put together this week. 

Jamestown books

Literature: A read The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery and C finished The Turtle and has started Gooseberry Park, both by Cynthia Rylant. 

Extras: In addition to our other outings, we spent a day at Grandma and Poppa’s house, I went to a home educators’ support group meeting, and tonight was the ward (church congregation) picnic at the park.  Tomorrow I have a mile-long to-do list.  I love it when the weekend is filled before you even get to it.  But considering we took last weekend off to play, I’m ok with it.

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