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It was a good day

August 31, 2009

Yes, it was.  I’ll just keep repeating that until I believe it.  I did say this morning that if we got anything–anything at all–accomplished, it would be a good day.  And we did.  So it was.  Right?

Never mind that I had the hardest time dragging myself out of bed, at least until DH remembered that the Whipple plumbing and heating guys were coming to adjust the furnace and A/C somewhere between 9 and 11.  They came just after nine.  I’m glad I got up. 

We had several other interruptions this morning and after scripture study, I finally just gave in and said school would be after lunch.  We had a good two hours then and got to math, grammar, writing, and a reading lesson for C.  And we read the new FIAR book with D, Little Nino’s Pizzeria.  And we’ll just forget that history and science were on the schedule. 

I really needed a nap then, but the need for food was greater so we went grocery shopping and stocked up on fruits and veggies that were so sorely lacking from last week’s diet.  It’s nice to be home in my own kitchen.  Except that now I’m the cook and nobody waits on me.  So there are advantages to eating out. 

The store had an amazing deal on London broil though.  It was cheaper than hamburger.  Since I crave protein, particularly red meat this summer, it was a great buy.  I also bought two packages of bacon, a roast, and a ham.  Never go shopping right before dinner when you’re starving and craving protein. 

But it was still a good day, and I’m going to bed now and trying not to think about the mountain of laundry that still isn’t finished.

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