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Weekly Report 5

September 12, 2009

 Monday holidays sure can throw a week off, you know?  We had a great time on the holiday though, sleeping overnight at my parents’ house, going to the hometown Labor Day parade, eating way too much candy that was thrown, and seeing their community theater production of The Wizard of Oz with all manner of flying characters. 

We also gave the house a much needed scrubbing.  I don’t think it’s been this clean since about…well, probably April.  Scary, isn’t it?  But now that we remember how much nicer it is when it’s this clean, there’s incentive to keep it this way! 

Even though every day this week felt wrong and our daily lists got kind of mixed up due to not working on Monday, we had a pretty good week.  Highlights were going to a star party last night and making pizza with D for dinner (and the end of his FIAR book) even though DH was stuck at work until 11 last night and I was already pretty exhausted from the week’s efforts.  It was still fun. 

D loves to help me cook, and I just think he is too cute in his John Deere apron.  Mixing and kneading the crust:


Shaping the crust and spreading the sauce:


Don’t ask me why I never thought to find any astronomy clubs when we started astronomy, but I finally discovered links on our planetarium’s website, and found out that the Salt Lake Astronomical Society has public star parties at least twice a month.  So last night we went out to Wheeler Farm and had a great time looking through about 15 different telescopes.  We saw Jupiter, the Owl cluster of stars, Antares, the Cygnus constellation, two close stars–one old, one new, a cheerio-shaped nebula (I think it was a nebula, I was trying to listen while supervising 3 children around very expensive equipment in the dark), and a “star nursery” where many new stars are being born.  We also saw two sets of stars whose distance apart was 150x the length of our solar system.  It was very cool.  The boys are already asking when the next star party is.

When we were actually home and doing school, here’s what we did:

Memory Work: We finished memorizing the poem “Little Things” and set up memory work for A and C according to the plan found at (except we use binders instead of an index card box and we’re doing more than just scripture memory.)

Science: Nothing other than attending the star party.  Next week will be our last week on astronomy before we start chemistry, although everyone is enthusiastic about continuing to attend star parties and keep learning about constellations. 

Art/Music:  We read about the Limbourg brothers in Artistic Pursuitsand we listened to part of a Classics for Kids program about Kodaly’s Harry Janos Suite which they’ll hear at my symphony concert in a few weeks.  C and D went to Kindermusik and A had a piano lesson.

History: We read SOTW chapter 6 about Plymouth colony and New Amsterdam, did the mapwork, colored Peter Stuyvesant, the Mayflower, and watched two videos on colonial life: Settling the New World and The Dutch and New Amsterdam.  We also looked at drawings of New Amsterdam in the 1600’s in my copy of The Historical Atlas of New York CityI love all things New  York City. 

Incidentally, today is the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson sailing into New York Harbor and seeing Manhattan for the first time.  There is a fascinating article in this month’s National Geographic about how the landscape of Manhattan island has changed in 400 years.  Of particular interest, at least to all the maplovers in this household, was a comparison of a British map of the city in the 1780’s to today’s street grid (although it’s only available in the print version of the magazine.)

Literature: We’re listening to Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates in the car again, after getting the book to read the parts that were scratched on our cd (the downside to books on cd.)  C read The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh to me and we read some picture books about Pilgrim children.


D (Preschool)
D has essentially finished Developmental Math book 1 on numbers 1-9.  He loves it, but I’m not sure he’s up for book 2 just yet.  I need to come up with math games to play with him and C to learn math facts in a fun way.
FIAR: We finished rowing Little Nino’s Pizzeria, read books about the food pyramid and healthy habits, and colored a food pyramid.  D traced the book title (inside my pink highlighter), and we read books and poetry about pizza.  We especially loved Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig.  And of course we made our own pizzas last night.


C (1st grade)
Math: C is moving right along through Developmental Math 2 although I think what we need more than anything is just lots of practice mastering those math facts. 
Reading: Lessons 215-218
Grammar: Lessons 13-15
Writing with Ease 1: 4 lessons in week 5 on “The Frog Prince”–He still doesn’t particularly like handwriting, but our goal is to do it without complaining and so far he’s doing beautifully!  (And his handwriting is improving as well.)

A (3rd grade):
Let’s just say I think the holiday weekend erased any memory of how to add and subtract 4-digit numbers.  Next time I’ll think ahead and not assign a big review page right after a holiday.  Multiplication and division is coming along, along we really need to work on faster recall of the facts.  (Math facts–is this a common theme this week, or what?!)
Grammar: 3 lessons on alphabetizing
Writing with Ease 2: Finished the last 2 assignments for week 27
Latin: We finished lesson 2 and practiced conjugating verbs for a crossword puzzle and A got 100% on the quizzes for lessons 1 and 2.  I’m really glad we’re going at half-pace.  Things are really sinking in whereas a lesson a week would just be too much.

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  1. Crystal permalink
    September 12, 2009 8:52 pm

    For math games check out the Family Math series. I got mine cheap off Amazon used marketplace. So far I really love the two books I bought.

  2. September 13, 2009 5:06 pm

    That star party sounds so cool!!! We’re going to study astronomy after Christmas, so I’m all ears!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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