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Weekly Report 8

October 2, 2009

MFW Blog Roll

We had a relatively empty week without orchestra rehearsal or Kindermusik classes.  So I filled it up!  In addition to finishing all of our schoolwork, we:

  • Monday–went to the library and then to the park to roast hot dogs and marshmallows
  • Tuesday–went shopping for winter clothes
  • Wednesday–saw some Navy Seahawk helicopters that flew in from San Diego for the day and went to my Grandma’s house to say goodbye to my parents before they left on a fall foliage cruise and for A to have one last piano lesson with Poppa before he left



  • Thursday–taught cello students and went to a church cooking class to learn how to make stuffed pork chops, chicken, and mushrooms 
  • Friday–went hiking up in the mountains by the Temple Stone Quarry



I’m tired!  A and I have tickets to go to the conference center for LDS General Conference session tomorrow morning, after which I will park myself in my comfy armchair for the rest of the weekend and hopefully rest and relax a little while listening to the other sessions.  I’m looking forward to it.  I need the spiritual rejuvenation almost as much as I need to just sit and put my feet up.

It really was a good week though.  I’m still loving our checklists.  I love seeing exactly how much we accomplish in a week and knowing that we’re not behind.  Even so, I kept double checking the list today to make sure that we really only had the small amount of work to do that it said.  It was such a great feeling, plus we did housework this week with relatively few complaints!  I hope we can keep this up as I am officially 6 months along now and need to establish good habits before this baby shows up.

Highlights?   Other than our outings?!  C finished The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading!!!  He was so excited.  I was so excited!  Those last few lessons really do stretch the reading muscles, but he did amazingly well.  It’s such a huge book, it seemed like we’d never get to lesson 231, but he did it!  And he got a certificate.


Now we’re really going to work on his math skills.  Speaking of math, we did flashcards several days, and D was miffed that he didn’t have his own set.  Who am I to deny a 4-year-old who wants to do math flashcards?  I was amazed at how well he did.  He’s picked up a lot from his brothers.

History: We were utterly uninspired by colonial life this week.  We read about colonial clothing and learned how cloth was made out of flax.  Nobody was excited about coloring or cutting out anything.  So we turned back to Story of the World and read chapter 7 about slavery and did the mapwork.  I think we’re going to return to SOTW and continue our colonial life stuff only one day a week.  We just aren’t up to doing a project every single day, even if they are small.  One or two a week would be just fine.

Art: We completed lesson 8 in Artistic Pursuits on Van Eyck and after studying The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini, were supposed to draw something from our world.  Since it was raining and we couldn’t go outside to sketch, we just looked out the window and drew something we could see.  A took the assignment literally and drew our grass, sidewalk, and road. 


C drew, well, I’m not sure what–a house under a rainbow?  (He was more interested in finishing fast so he could play with his new army guys.)  D drew an eel.  I’m not sure where you find an eel in our neighborhood, but he did use a lot of color and blended some of them together which was the other part of the assignment. 


Memory Work: We finished learning two of our scriptures and began the poem “The Kind Moon” by Sara Teasdale:

I think the moon is very kind
To take such trouble just for me.
He came along with me from home
To keep me company.

He went as fast as I could run;
I wonder how he crossed the sky?
I’m sure he hasn’t legs and feet
Or any wings to fly.

Yet here he is above their roof;
Perhaps he thinks it isn’t right
For me to go so far alone,
Though mother said I might.

It was pretty funny when one of them realized that, “Hey!  The moon followed us all the way from Grandma’s house just like in our poem!”

Science: Week 2 of chemistry with a lot of written definitions (which I mostly ended up being the scribe for) and learning about atoms, molecules, and the organization of the periodic table.

Literature:  We’ve read a lot of books about lighthouses this week and are almost to the end of Hans Brinker.  Finally.

D (Preschool)
Our originally planned book was checked out of the library, so we decided to do The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge instead, which is one of our favorites.  I’ll post details of what we did when we wrap the unit up next week.  Other than that, this child hasn’t done much.  He’s fond of saying, “I don’t want to ________.  I’ll do it tomorrow.”  Still, he’s only 4 and I don’t want to push him into doing too much now.

C (1st grade)
Math: Continued to work on number bonds up to 10 and played several math games with everyone.
Reading: Lessons 227-231 and finished the book!
Grammar: 3 lessons on types of sentences (exclamations!)
Writing with Ease 1: 4 lessons from week 8 on Caddie Woodlawn

A (3rd grade):
Exercises 32-34–multiplying and dividing by 6 and 7, which went much smoother than last week.  He’s finally starting to recall the facts quicker.
Spelling: More words from Webster’s speller, still one-syllable with letter blends and silent e at the end
Grammar: 3 lessons on paragraph writing
Writing with Ease 2: 4 lessons from week 30 on The Story of the Greeks–He did fine until Friday when I think his brain was just tired out and he couldn’t answer the comprehension questions for anything.  We finally received WWE 3 in the mail.  It looks hard!
Latin: We began lesson 4, which was a huge review since we already learned how to count to 10 last year.  We’ll stay on this lesson next week though so we can finish up the games in Ludere Latine.

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  1. juliapadg permalink
    October 4, 2009 8:25 am

    Congratulations to C on finishing OPGTR! That’s a big accomplishment!


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