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What do you do on a Saturday

November 14, 2009

When your 6-year-old wakes up with a fever?

Let him sleep, give him ibuprofen, comfort him when he’s sad because he can’t go to scouts with his brother, and pray he doesn’t have the flu.

When your 8-year-old has cub scout pack meeting where he’ll receive three arrowhead points?

Send DH with the camera while you stay home with the sickie, and then enjoy the nutty-chocolate chip-way-too-decadent brownies Sis. Nicholas sent home with DH and 8-year-old.


When they’ve watched a little too much tv?

Read more Grimm’s fairy tales that we never got to yesterday.

When there is honest to goodness snow falling and it’s actually sticking to the ground?

Bundle up the kids and send them outside to play!  While you wonder why you can only find four right-hand gloves, no left-hand gloves, but thank goodness all coats, scarves, and boots are accounted for.

When they look like they’re having way too much fun?

Join them!  and even let sickie out for three minutes with you until it’s three against one in a snowball fight, and the three are a little too fast for the one who is quite pregnant and can’t exactly run away, then you all troop back inside for hot chocolate.

When you are warm again?

If you are 6 and sick, you take another nap.

If you are 4, you confirm with Mommy that there is no school work to be done because you can’t quite keep track of the days of the week.  (Not that Mommy can either.)

Then if you are 4 or 8, you dump out all the cars, all the wooden train track and cars, all the army men, and all the toy airplanes and get down to some serious playing until there are trains and track across the living room, wrapped around the kitchen table, into the hallway, down the step, and into your bedroom. 

If you are 8, you then inform Mommy that you bet if you laid out all of your train track starting in the back yard, it would probably stretch all the way down the driveway and across the street.

If you are Mommy you agree: it probably would stretch that far.

When Grandma and Poppa drop by unexpectedly?

You smile and invite them in, letting them see what Saturdays really look like at your house when Daddy is working.

When they leave?

If you are Mommy, you put in the third load of laundry for the day and wonder why you haven’t done any laundry since Monday.  You wrack your brains trying to remember what we did the past five days so you can wrap up the weekly report.  You confirm that you do have to play in church next Sunday and try to figure out just what piece that will be.

You think about school planning for next week, but figure there’s only a week left before Thanksgiving break so why don’t we just wing it.  That’s a viable strategy around here these days.

You eat another brownie, and tackle the boys’ bedroom, trying to figure out how to find just one empty drawer to put baby clothes into.  You wonder why every single cupboard and drawer you open needs to be rearranged and cleaned out especially now that cold weather is about here and winter clothes take up twice as much room as shorts and t-shirts.  And why do children still have shorts in their drawers anyway?  It’s November in Utah.

You enlist the kids to help all trains and track make their way back to the train box in the living room, and then start clearing a path to the crib that has been acting as a storage unit for the past four years, start a bag for DI donations, wonder why 4-year-olds can’t seem to get all their dirty clothes into the hamper, remind the 8-year-old that the books he’s putting away do not have to be in strict chronological order on the history shelf, and realize this room can’t be tackled in one day and hope next week is fairly free because you know what you’re going to be doing now.

When DH walks in the door?

Apologize for not having dinner ready since the timer you set to remind you to start dinner never went off because you never remembered to press the start button in the first place.  Then enlist him to chop vegetables for you.

When DH informs you he’ll be working every Saturday from now until New Year’s?

Pray for patience.

And wonder, are there any brownies left? 


4 Comments leave one →
  1. November 14, 2009 10:53 pm

    I love this post. It’s honest, real, and well written. So much fun to read.

  2. November 15, 2009 12:27 am

    I also love this post!! And I’ve been missing you. Sorry to be such a delinquent friend. I hope C is feeling better soon!

  3. Stephanie permalink
    November 15, 2009 12:49 am

    Sounds like a fun day!!

    Except for the little one with the fever but it seems like he enjoyed playing outside too.

    My little ones have a cold too. And I have a sore throat.
    My hubby had a cold too but decided to go fishing on the river anyway.
    Here we don’t have any snow yet, just cold wind, today 43 F was our temperature.

    I need to take pictures of all the books my kids have, I subscribed to the children book of the month when my oldest was born and now they have so many books already. They love to read but often pages tear off or the books get lost in the pile of toys.

    You take pictures of all the books they read and I think that’s a great idea!!

  4. November 15, 2009 8:48 am

    On days like these I eat lots of brownies, cookies, and any sweets I can get too. I need to keep up my energy right?

    I can’t believe you have so much snow. My kids seen snow once when we took them up to the hills to see it. They went out into it and 15 min later were ready to leave. They were just too cold. But then we didn’t have the gear to make it better. Our light jackets and knit mittens just don’t cut it when out in the snow.

    I hope your little guy feels better now.

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