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This is not the year…

November 23, 2009

I started this post months ago as a way of keeping track of books, curricula, and other miscellany I had intended to use this year in our homeschool.  Thankfully I came to my senses and realized there was just no way I could do everything I really wanted to, not this year anyway.  Our school plan is already pretty ambitious as it is.  I very briefly considered switching to a more in-the-box-preplanned curriculum for this year with a baby coming, but decided we’re comfortable with the curricula we’re using.  Even though there are a lot of different “parts” we’ve gotten into a pretty good routine, so why mess with it?

For future reference though, I’m posting this in case someone else is looking for a fantastic new resource, plus if I publish a blog post, I can always find it again.  Otherwise the little pieces of scratch paper I jot ideas down on tend to go the way of the wind, never to be seen again.

So–this is not the year for:

  • Composer and Artist activity paks from Homeschool in the Woods–They look beautiful and fun, I wanted to use them, but I knew it would just be too much.  Maybe next year.
  • Discover the Scriptures products–I have the Old Testament set which we ended up not using two years ago.  It was too advanced.  The Book of Mormon one for the lower grades uses the Book of Mormon Reader and I didn’t like that.  Why not use the actual scriptures?  We’ve read through the Reader so many times already, we wanted to get beyond the stories and into the doctrine.  I also didn’t want to make scripture study too “workbook-y.”  I wanted it to be study and discussion together.  So far we’re doing just great reading and discussing.  We finally made it through the Isaiah chapters in 2nd Nephi!
  • Geography–I wanted to add in a separate geography program and I actually have both Galloping the Globe and two geography and map activity workbooks from Rand McNally, neither of which we’ve really gotten to.  Geography happens as it ties into either a FIAR book or into Story of the World.  This year we won’t be doing any more than that.  A also spends hours poring over our travel atlas and Google Earth, so it’s not like we’re geographically illiterate around here.
  • Book of Virtues by William Bennett–I got a link earlier this year to a fantastic and *FREE* activity guide to accompany this book.  I love free and fully intended to use this as we could.  We haven’t even opened it.  Maybe next year.
  • Outside classes–I found some people out at the south end of the valley who have put together classes for homeschoolers on an a la carte basis.  You don’t have to commit to an entire co-op.  You can just pick and choose.  Classes for A’s age group are only on Friday and he was really interested in the Shakespeare class as well as a homeschool choir.  Other than Kindermusik and piano though, I just felt that this was not the year for anything extra outside of the house. 
  • This is also turning out to be not the year for projects.  I have the Colonial Life activity pak from Homeschool in the Woods, and we’re woefully behind.  The projects we’ve done, we’ve liked, but there are just so many of them.  I’m not sure what I was thinking.
  • Spelling also isn’t going so great.  Some weeks we do it, some weeks we don’t.
  • Art–same story.  I just can’t get excited about Artistic Pursuits this year.
  • Outdoor Hour Challenges–I don’t want to give up on these, but they fell by the wayside when I was so incredibly sick for most of this summer.  I want to get back into the habit though. 
  • Timelines–It must not be the year for timelines.  I printed them out, and now 15 weeks into school, they’re here…somewhere…completely blank and not taped together, let alone hung on the wall.

There’s my “This is not the year” list (and a few small confessions). 

What are you not doing this year?

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  1. November 24, 2009 4:42 am

    Music-I had planned to teach my daughter to play the recorder, but alas it hasn’t gotten done. And if we are really confessing things, art is not getting done much either :). There’s always next year!


    PS-I think that you do a great job with your kids, I don’t think that I could juggle all that you do!

  2. November 24, 2009 5:32 am

    The harder question for us would be what ARE you doing this year? My answer would be- keeping our studious little heads above water. Our school year has been a bit derailed with Molly’s cancer, but we have high hopes heading into a New Year.
    You shared some good links – thank you.
    And I send my best wishes for you and your little one…when the time comes. 🙂

  3. November 24, 2009 6:21 am

    I also haven’t started anything for geography (but working on it), Nature Study won’t be started until after January sometime. I tend to break what I consider electives into terms and we don’t do them all year. Like Spanish, typing, nature study, Georgia History, etc. I do have a question for you though about Artistic Pursuits, I am on the fence between purchasing it or How Great Thou Art. Any ideas that would push me in one direction or another? I have one child, 10 years old.
    Thanks and Blessings to you and your family,

  4. November 24, 2009 7:14 am

    Oh yay–thank you for posting this! I just got back into homeschooling this year, and as always, your site has proved the most helpful in not only learning which basic materials work best, but also which other “fun stuff” will get my children excited to learn! We are especially excited to start Discover the Scriptures, thanks to this blog post–I had never even heard of it before! Thanks for all the great info, and please keep sharing! 😉

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