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Frustration, or why I haven’t gotten around to the weekly report yet

December 7, 2009

Nothing is more frustrating than plumbing problems.  Except for computer problems.  Those are two areas where I feel absolutely and completely helpless when something goes wrong.  Sadly, DH isn’t much help either.  And to have them both occur on the same weekend is really too much, especially as the turning of the calendar page already had me feeling down. 

Our (one and only) tub has been slow to drain for a while now, but was really hitting the obnoxious point last week.  It would at least drain though, until Sunday morning when it was utterly and completely clogged and I had to stand in 6 inches of ice cold water from DH’s shower two hours previous while getting ready for church.  As everyone so kindly points out, I’m the one with the long hair.  Yes, I know I have long hair.  I pull it from the drain frequently.  We also have a 113-year-old house with some pipes that are probably about that same age.  I don’t think it’s only my hair causing the problem down there.  

Then the computer issues–First the modem was being spotty on Thursday, but I was able to get online here and there, which was lucky as I had bills to pay.  Sometimes I think I rely on the computer a little too much.  Then the computer wouldn’t read my xD picture card.  A’s birthday post was a miracle in that department.  Then the computer and printer have decided they’re no longer BFFs and are no longer speaking to each other.  So the Relief Society newsletter I worked on?  I couldn’t print it out.  The Discover Christmas unit study I downloaded?  We’ve only done 3 days’ worth instead of 7 because I can’t print out any more of the activity pages.  D’s math?  It’s at a standstill as well because it’s also an ebook and I’ve run out of printed pages.  Here I thought ebooks were such a brilliant idea and so easy to use.  Just instantly download, print, and go.  Unless you can’t print. 

We had to have a professional plumber come for the drain.  That was a fun bill.  I’m still waiting for the solution to the computer issues and I’m really hoping it won’t end up being a new computer.  Which, although lovely sounding, is really out of my budget at present.  

The back seatbelt in the van also has problems so we took the baby carseat, which we just put into the car, back out of the car so C would have a place to sit with a shoulder seatbelt that wouldn’t go slack while we’re out and about.  One more thing.  That I can’t fix!

Lucky for me though, a few things have gone right:

  • I finally found some cute boy-appropriate flannel for a blanket today after going to two fabric stores last week (ignoring my own advice of one errand a day) and finding nothing.  And having the boys chase each other around the aisles of fabric at the second one.  And having D say, “But we need to run off our energy.”  And having to explain that the fabric store is NOT the place to do that.  And feeling like every woman in the store was staring at me and thinking something along the lines of what a sad and sorry mother I am for having another child when I can’t even control the ones I have.  And then crying the whole way home because we have been cooped up inside for too long, because we have no yard to send them out to play in and I’ve had no energy or desire to go anywhere lately because I’ve felt so tired and sore and slightly paranoid about going into premature labor again.  And I feel bad for my children who have had to suffer along with me.  But this is supposed to be the happy list, so this too shall pass, and we have fabric now! 
  • I also let the boys pick out fabric for new pajama bottoms.  This way I won’t have to wait to sew them until they go to bed!  It’s ok if something’s not a surprise for Christmas.  Plus it gave them something to do and something to hold while DH took a cell phone call that lasted practically the entire time we were in the store today.  (Sometimes I hate cell phones.)
  • I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, most of it online!  Yay me.  I like going out shopping, but this is just not the year for that.  Waiting for UPS is just as thrilling anyway.
  • I got a 20-lb turkey for $8 with turkey vouchers from grocery shopping last month and I cleaned out the freezer enough that it would fit inside.  DH was amazed.  So we have something for Christmas dinner now.
  • I opted out of my symphony’s Christmas concerts.  Otherwise, I would have had 2 3-hour rehearsals last week, a concert on Saturday night, and another one tonight.  I am so glad!  That might have put me over the edge completely. 
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  1. December 8, 2009 8:31 am

    The scene at the fabric store you described sounds so familiar! In fact I did the same thing yesterday. After looking for new pjs for my boys and not finding anything that isn’t sports, sponge bob or Mario Cart I opted to make them new pjs instead. Waiting for the fabric to be cut and then waiting again to pay can be quite an ordeal!

    I am sorry about the plumbing and the computer issues, that is never fun! And to have both at the same time is just really difficult to take.

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