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The Weekly Report or Please tell me it will get better…

February 1, 2010

Oh my word–my baby is in his bassinet right now, he’s happy, and is going to sleep all by himself without screaming about it…which is so not the way the rest of this week went.  I am utterly exhausted and we only had three days of school after Grandma and Poppa took the three big boys to stay at their house for a few days last weekend. 

DH started work again on Wednesday, and part of me wondered why in the world we are even attempting any kind of school now.  But after yesterday when the boys basically had free unstructured time to play all afternoon and ended up arguing with and teasing each other and generally getting on each other’s nerves, I remembered why.  We like school.  We like that comfortable, predictable routine.  Not that this week has been terribly routine, but we’re all happier when we’re at least attempting schoolwork even though we might not get to our “morning” scripture study until 3 p.m.  They love school and I am so grateful for that.  It really is easier to keep the general peace around here when they are productively busy with learning. 

This week we did scripture study, memory work (still Declaration of Independence sentence), math, and history.  I realized last week that everything I had planned was Mom-intensive, so I decided that I would have a lot more things on hand this week that they could work on independently.  But then my printer decided to quit talking to my computer and I have been unable to print a single sheet I wanted.  It worked last week, but it won’t work this week.  Computer problems drive me absolutely crazy as I have no clue how to fix them.  DH hasn’t been able to fix this problem either, so it put somewhat of a crimp into my school plans.  With a grumpy baby and me functioning on less than adequate sleep (just keep repeating, “This too shall pass…”) maybe it was a good thing.  I’m still frustrated though.

In math, A began the section on length and did exercise 6, 7, and a review in Singapore 3B.  In 1A, C completed the section on shapes and started the section on length, completing exercises 50-56.  D did about 6 sheets from Miquon on addition.  He’s quite good at it.

For history, the boys colored maps of Boston and labelled Paul Revere’s ride, the Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, and the Old North Church among other things.

We also watched more Liberty’s Kids videos and read some good books.  I highly recommend Let It Begin Here about the battle at Lexington and Concord, Paul Revere’s Ride by Longfellow, and Sleds on Boston Common. 

C read Ben and Me by Robert Lawson for free reading and A is half-way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I started reading The Illustrated Life of George Washington but dropped it in favor of a Brother Cadfael mystery.  Maybe when I’m a bit more rested, I’ll have more luck with non-fiction.

Other things we’ve learned and random thoughts from this week:

  • The week seems sooooo long now that DH has to work on Saturdays.  I should be used to it as he worked from noon to 6 every Saturday in November and December and it felt like he was gone the entire day, but it’s worse now that he really is gone the entire day.
  • I thought about making Saturday a school day so Monday could be completely off, but I really need his help with E on Mondays and Tuesdays so more school will happen on those days. 
  • C loves his baby brother.  A lot.
  • C’s idea of watching the baby for 5 minutes so Mommy can make lunch goes something like this:  Hold the baby.  Put the baby down.  Wrap the baby up.  Go show baby to Mommy.  Hold the baby.  Put the baby down.  Pick him up.  Give him to D.  Take him back.  Put him down.  Pick him back up.  Wrap him up again.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat…
  • The difference between a happy, cooing, content baby and a baby who is so utterly overstimulated that it will take 90 minutes to calm him down enough for a 30-minute nap is about 3 seconds.
  • After two such nap sessions, Mommy is exhausted.
  • I should really put someone else in charge of lunch.
  • Baby E will sleep in the stroller, so when all else fails, go for a walk.  P.E. is good for everyone.
  • When Mommy is the only adult at home during the day she gets to do all the running around so E also gets to sleep in the car as he is schlepped about to C’s Kindermusik class, to D’s Kindermusik class, to take A to scouts, and to pick him back up again.  It’s no wonder the child doesn’t like his bassinet. 
  • Although he has gotten a lot better about sleeping in it at night and going right back to sleep after eating.  That makes a huge difference as I’ve been dealing with all the nighttime feedings, burpings, and changings myself as DH really needs to be alert and rested as a matter of safety when he goes to work.
  • A and C really don’t mind having school in short, interrupted sessions throughout the day.
  • D, however, does mind having his play interrupted unless it’s for his FIAR book.
  • I’m not sure this was a real smile, but it sure is cute.

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    February 1, 2010 1:48 am

    Aw, Kristiana, that picture of your little one is adorable!!

    I believe it is a true smile.

    I have a similar picture of my second one. I labeled it ‘first smile’.

    I never believed one second when others told me “it’s not a smile, it’s just gas” 🙂

    I do know they smile and you can see the love in their eyes when they do that.

    I admire your energy.

    I am having so much morning sickness that some days I just have no energy. And my two little ones take advantage of that. They test my patience when I feel the worst.

    I felt slightly better over the weekend, I was able to run a few errands taking only my youngest with me. Still at the end of the day I felt exhausted. I felt so tired at Church that I fell asleep in the mother’s room while nursing my youngest one, who also was asleep. 🙂

    Lately lunch had become a dilemma here too, my sons had become very choosy, they finally settled on taquitos, clam chowder soup, some olives, and they love cantaloupe; they ask for these things all the time. So as long as they get their fruits and veggies, I am not going to complain. 🙂

  2. February 1, 2010 9:48 am

    That looks like a real smile to me! Hang it there, this too shall pass and you’ll get into a regular swing again!

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