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2 Months and Chunky

March 16, 2010

Or as chunky as any of our kids is likely to be. E was: 

6 lb. 10 oz. at birth
7 lb. 12 oz. at 2 weeks
11 lb. 14 oz. at 2 months

My doctor asked me, “What are you feeding this kid, cream?”

I know it’s impossible to really remember just how tiny newborn babies are, especially a 4 lb. preemie like D was, but somewhere deep down, I must remember how small he felt because every time I hold this kid, he seems huge.  This is probably normal growth for many babies, but we’re not used to it!  It’s nice to actually have a baby be on the growth curve charts for a change.  He’s in the 50th percentile at the moment.  Even A, my biggest at birth, only ever hit the 25th percentile.  E is 24 inches long.  Or as C puts it, “He’s as long as the crack in the Liberty Bell!”

We pulled out the blessing outfit last weekend to see if it would fit.  After all, it was worn by A at 4 weeks of age, and the other two started out quite a bit smaller than both A and E so the size wasn’t an issue.  Barely, barely, we got it on over his big belly of 9 weeks.  Thank goodness too.  I really didn’t want to take four kids shopping for another one. 

He’s finally giving real smiles, although I don’t have much luck capturing them on camera.  He seems to save the biggest grins for his brothers.

But his face lights up with a smile whenever he first catches sight of me after waking up.  I love it.  Even at 3 a.m.

I also love that he knows my voice and turns his head to find me if I’m talking, but am not the one holding him.

He loves to hear the water running for his bath and is getting used to all the tummy time that his brothers love subjecting him to. 

A lady at the grocery store last week said, “Oh, look at the static electricity in that hair!”

Static electricity has nothing to do with it.  That’s just the way it is!

2 months old and as sweet as ever!

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    March 22, 2010 12:39 am

    He is so adorable!!

    Love his smile and the cute outfit.

    I thought it was static electricity too until I read your last caption 🙂

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