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Weekly Report 25

March 20, 2010

It was kind of an off week, and we’re glad it’s over.  How’s that for the weekly report? 🙂

Actually, this morning was fun.  A and C went with me to the Utah Symphony children’s concert where we saw an adapted opera, The Mini Magic Flute.  Even though it was highly abridged and “kid-friendly” it still included all of my favorite arias.  I love Mozart’s operas, and this one in particular!  We had a good time.  A’s friend went with us and her mom watched E in the lobby for me and he was happy and content the entire hour we were in the hall.  It was so nice to get out to something like this again, although the logistics of leaving the house with a newborn nursing baby still overwhelm me at times.


I’m not sure what went wrong with the rest of the week, but we all had the hardest time settling down to schoolwork.   Part of it was the time change and a baby who consequently decided (the new) 3 a.m. was a great time to wake up every single night this week (until last night.)  I have been exhausted and  moving at a snail’s pace and the boys seemed to pick up on that and didn’t want to get going very quickly in the mornings either. 

C also came down with a fever Tuesday night which lasted into Wednesday and then yesterday after Kindermusik, D came home and curled up on the living room floor with a blanket and said that his tummy ached.  So he spent the rest of the day in and out of sleep with a very slight fever, but then today he seemed fine (although just to be on the safe side, he stayed with DH instead of coming to the symphony.)  I don’t know what’s up with sickness at this house.  It’s never anything serious, but it just keeps getting passed back and forth.  It’s been over a month since everyone was well at the same time except for about three days last weekend.  I just want to scream!  And if someone is feeling under the weather, the rest of us have a hard time working diligently.  By yesterday afternoon I was just ready to quit.  So we did. 

Luckily I didn’t quit until Friday.  Here’s the rundown of the rest of the week:

History: We read SOTW chapter 28 about steam and coal in Britain, and cotton and guns in America.  Trains being one of our favorite subjects around here, everyone was fascinated by this chapter.  We read about the steam engine John Bull and about Robert Fulton and his steamboat as well.  We learned about the cotton gin, read about how denim is made from cotton, and watched two videos about Eli Whitney and James Watt.  We also decided watching Thomas the Tank Engine stories counted as history this week with all their talk of coal and steam!   DH was also fascinated to learn something new about Eli Whitney and how he began the standardization of firearms components. 

Literature: We finished reading The Light Princess and took a vote on our next read aloud.  It looks like we’ll be starting Gulliver, retold by Martin Jenkins.  We also finished listening to Robin Hood and started Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  A is now reading Fablehaven. 

Math: C did exercises 47, 48 (on number equations) and review 4 in Singapore 4A.  D did exercises 22-26, also on number equations.  We got out some cardstock number manipulatives (love the dollar store finds!) one day to make equations on the carpet since our magnetic number set has been sorely depleted over time. D also had fun making long rows of digits for me.  He likes to hear me read numbers in the trillions.

A did exercise 23 and practice 4B and some of the corresponding sections on capacity in the intensive practice book.

C did one grammar lesson and two narration/copywork exercises.  A did two grammar lessons and two narration/dictation assignments.  D did one page in Explode the Code.  That’s it for one week?  Not terribly encouraging, is it?  But spelling…ah, spelling!  Something that is really going great!  A loves Sequential Spelling.  And we only lost his workbook once.

Which brings me to–This house is so cluttered right now.  I think that’s half our problem.  It’s so hard to focus and work hard when surrounded by disorder.  At least it is for me.  The school table is a disaster area that we can’t seem to keep clear.  The living room is a mess between baby stuff and boxes of files DH cleaned out of his old desk in January and which have resided in my living room ever since.  We seem to misplace school materials frequently and it would just be so much easier to sit down and be ready to work each morning if there was a neat space in which to do so.  I think we’re ready for a spring break if only to declare war on the clutter and get organized. 

Speaking of spring, E finally grew into his snowsuit.  He’s so cute in it, we almost wish it was still winter and he could wear it more often.


Happy Spring! 

And may next week go better. 🙂

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  1. March 22, 2010 8:42 am

    It is frustrating to try to get things done when everyone is not feeling their best. I hope this week provides more rest for you and better health for everyone else.

    Give yourself credit, anything beyond keeping everyone fed that can be done when a baby is in the house is a MAJOR accomplishment. Leaving the house deserves a standing ovation.

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