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The Fun Parent

May 3, 2010

DH used to be the fun parent.  The boys were always looking forward to DH’s day off so they could “go have fun with Dad.”  One day when they were getting ready to go somewhere, I headed for the car too.  One of them (I can’t remember which) was completely floored that Mommy was going along for the fun too.  I decided then and there that I didn’t want DH to be known as the only “fun parent” around.  Granted, they spend most of their waking hours with me so I’m the one that has them (makes them?) do housework and schoolwork for the most part.  But I’ve tried hard ever since that day to be more fun.  DH has actually been around more for school and house work lately though so it doesn’t feel as if I’m not the only taskmaster here.

At the moment DH is floored that I was the Fun Parent this weekend.  I took the four boys to the Scout-o-rama all by myself because he had to work.  The boys were thrilled.  I’m exhausted.  Still.  2 1/2 hours of being on my feet pushing a sleeping baby around and trying to keep track of the other three in hordes of people in the convention center is not my idea of fun.  But I did it.  Because I’m the fun mom! 

(I would much rather have gone to the family history convention exhibit hall downtown but knew I’d get more cooperation from them if we went for scouts.)

I didn’t feel like the fun parent yesterday though.  DH had to work again and I had to go to church alone againAt 8:55 a.m. we had a fussy baby who needed to eat and one child who still couldn’t find a Sunday shoe.  (You come home, you take off your shoes, and you put them on the shoe rack.  How hard is that?  Hard, apparently.)  I told C to wear either his hiking boots or his new sandals.  He chose the boots on account of the rain and we were late for sacrament meeting.  I hate being late. 

I thought I was extremely lucky as E fell asleep in my arms at the end of sacrament meeting (he never falls asleep in my arms) but he popped awake again 25 minutes later and we spent the next hour and a half in and out of class before heading home exhausted and not exactly spiritually refilled.  The past two months have been a reminder of what church is like with a baby who would just rather be at home in his own little bed for a nap.  It’s exhausting.  I’d forgotten just how.

The day shaped up as DH was home for the rest of the afternoon and night, although I had some glaring reminders of one of my inadequacies in parenting.  I’m terrible at following up on them and making sure the boys have done what they were supposed to do. Frequently they just don’t do it and I don’t notice.   Their bedroom is a disaster area and I declared war on it this week.  I helped the boys hang up their Sunday clothes and put their shoes back on the rack (except for the missing one which still hasn’t turned up.)  We then tracked down all loose dirty clothing in their bedroom.  Honestly, how hard is it for clothes to find the hamper at night?  And how many days’ worth did we find on the floor?  And who exactly has been supervising the boys and their room anyway?  Not me, apparently.  Sigh…

This week we’ll be attacking their bedroom.  It is once again overrun by both winter and summer clothes and an exploding games cupboard, not to mention all the books.  No wonder we can’t find things we need.  We have a friend who’s having a yard sale to raise money for an adoption so we are going to be very generous at donating the things we can’t take care of.  So much work to do.

But for one day, I was the Fun Parent.

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  1. May 3, 2010 10:11 pm

    My little guys always tell their Dad that he is their favorite person. I am happy that they love him so much but I am always a little sad too. I don’t hear that about me. I know it is because I am the one that is always here and always driving them to do their work or telling them to clean their rooms. I am the one who has to do the quality checks on their chores and the like. He gets the fun jobs of bedtime stories, one on one outings with the kids, or manly fix-it jobs around the house. I can’t really compete. He just gets to have the “fun” and I get to do the dirty work. It is just one of those things that goes along with being a Mom.

  2. Tamaran permalink
    May 4, 2010 8:34 am

    I used to think you were late to Sacrament meeting if the prelude wasn’t playing when you sat down. Since having a child, I’ve decided I’ll count anything before the opening song ends. By my record, you were running great! And I’m super impressed you took the boys to the Scout-O-Rama on your own. I couldn’t even make myself get there with one child.

  3. May 4, 2010 9:56 am

    I think it’s just the natural result of the children being around us all day so it’s a treat no matter what when they are around dad. I know I never really appreciated all my own mother did for me until I had my own children. Now I make sure to let her know often!

  4. May 4, 2010 7:04 pm

    good job at taking all those boys out to scout a rama. I’m impressed. I don’t even like taking my 2 to the grocery store. Mostly because nothing fits in the cart… =)

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