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Week 31

May 11, 2010

It must be May.  It’s Tuesday and I’m finally finishing up last week’s weekly report, and only because my obsessive record-keeping self is sure that some day I’ll want to know just how many books we read the first week of May 2010.  Because that is what the weekly report is turning into–a big book list.  Like I said, it’s May.  I’ve lost most of my desire to “do” things at this point in the year.  Let’s just read a book and call it good. 🙂  Information intake seriously outweighs the output at present.

Although we did carve soap this week as suggested in Five in a Row.  A was the only child that got anything remotely recognizable (a heart) out of his bar of Ivory.

A's heart

A's heart

It was almost too soft to carve well.  D was trying for a moon, but just ended up with a pile of pieces.  He had great fun all the same, although the table looked like the North Atlantic in iceberg season when he was done.

FIAR: Also for our FIAR book (Daniel’s Duck), over the past several weeks we have read and talked about county fairs, long winter nights, seasons, being artists and creating, Tennessee, emotions, and how we should not tell brothers they’re “doing it wrong” (very timely lesson.)

History: We also read quite a bit for history.  We covered two chapters in Story of the World about Simon Bolivar, freedom for South America, and Mexican Independence.  The boys did the mapwork for both chapters, we watched a short geography video about Bolivia, and read several folk tales and other books from Central and South America.  James Monroe was our Friday night bedtime story.  We have yet to make a card for him, as I wouldn’t let them stay up any later although C begged and begged.

Other Literature: We listened to another Dear America diary of a girl on the Oregon Trail in 1847.  There were a few disparaging remarks about Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers who were travelling across the plains at the same time which gave us fodder for some good conversation.  We’ll get much more of the Mormon trail pioneers this summer as we mix LDS Church history and Utah state history.

Memory: We’re still working on “Jabberwocky” and also worked on learning Jacob 2:18-19.

Science: We didn’t get to it again.  I have the feeling we’ll be spending the summer catching up on science experiments.

The rest of the week included:

A (3rd grade)

  • Grammar: 2 lessons
  • Writing: 3 lessons from Through the Looking Glass
  • Spelling: Days 27-29
  • Math:  Finished up fractions in Intensive Practice and did Review 5 
  • Latin: Began lesson 8
  • Finished Fablehaven 3, started Fablehaven 4, and is still reading Adam of the Road

C (1st grade)

  • Grammar: 3 lessons on antonyms
  • Writing: 4 lessons from week 24 The Happy Hollisters
  • Math: Singapore exercises 33-35 on multiplication
  • Read Dear Napoleon, I Know You’re Dead, But…by Elvira Woodruff and lots of picture books

D (Preschool)

  • Math: Singapore subtraction  
  • Reading: did a few reading lessons with Daddy

We also tried to adjust to DH’s new work schedule.  He’s now home every morning, although depending on just what time he gets home each night, he may or may not be awake and able to join us for too much school work.  It’s been interesting, not to mention exhausting.  The days he was conscious he took the boys out for walks and exercising.  We like that change.

We had lunch out with Grandma and Poppa one day and I also went to a family wedding and a wedding dinner (on a different night).  DH told me I should take the opportunity to get out without E.  I worried about leaving him when he was not nursed and already in bed for the night as I have done previously.  But apparently he will take a bottle…just not from me.  He’s been a little bit “off” with his sleeping though.  Payback for leaving him?  I don’t know.  I do know that the next couple of weeks are likewise going to be a bit busier than usual.  Yep, it’s definitely May.  I hope I survive.

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  1. May 13, 2010 10:32 am

    Oh, I am ready for a break! Maybe it is due to my days in public school, but I just need my summers! But with three kids in piano it still feels like a lot of work each day just to get them to practice. Any tips for this one????

    Question for you about Singapore. We love it. The kids like it until it is time for a review – I see A worked on a review this week. How do you do the reviews? Do you work along or have him do it on their own? Grace , is in Level 5, she wants to just move on to the next lesson and today I just let her. But she is due to do a review. Any thoughts or ideas to share on this one?

    You can e-mail me . . . (But I won’t worry if you don’t get to it, I know life is hectic.)

    You probably don’t check blogs often these days but I did post a link yesterday to a really neat choral piece that I think you and your kids might enjoy.

    Hope all is well.

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