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All is right in the world

May 16, 2010

E just could not get enough of me this morning.  When he woke up, I got him out of his bassinet right next to my bed and nursed him, during which he repeatedly stopped eating to look up into my face and smile at me.  All was right in his world. 

Which was so not the way yesterday morning went. 

Backing up to Friday: DH took E to the doctor for his 4-month appointment and shots…the dreaded shots (which is why DH took him to the dr., also because he scheduled the appointment in the middle of D’s last Kindermusik class!)  DH then went to work and left me with Grumpy Baby who was mad at the world and had a bad afternoon.  He was clingy and whiny and just couldn’t settle down to take a nap.  At the same time I was trying to finish schoolwork with the boys, get pictures ready for a scrapbooking night with my cousins for my grandpa’s memory book (he turns 90 next week), and pack to go out of town.  I finally gave up on schoolwork, gave up on photos, but at least remembered to read through some scholarship applications that had been sitting in my email inbox all week and helped the boys to get overnight bags packed. 

The evening wasn’t much better.  We showed up for scrapbooking just to say hi and let the older boys run with cousins for a while as long as an overtired E could last.  We ended up at my parents’ house to sleep over and he did have a short nap in the car but didn’t really crash for the night until about 10:30.  Miracle of miracles, he slept through until 5:30.  (We’ve been having sleep issues, so this is encouraging!  I’ve forgotten what well-rested feels like.)

Saturday:  After nursing at 5:30, he went back to sleep.  I had to go sit in on interviews for a music scholarship with a music scholarship committee that I’m on so got up about 7:15.  I debated about waking him up to nurse one more time before I left at 8 but ultimately decided against it as I thought he needed the sleep, I had a bottle of milk for him (as he will actually take one now), and he would be fine with Grandma and A taking care of him.

He was not fine.  He woke up in a strange bed.  Mommy was not there.  The bottle of Mommymilk was no substitute and he wouldn’t drink it and he cried and cried and cried and finally went back to sleep.  The poor child was traumatized.   

Note to self: Don’t traumatize the baby again.

But all is right in his world again.  Mommy* was there for him when he woke up this morning. 

(*Mommy, on the other hand, was a little stressed out because it was 7:51 a.m., she had slept through two alarms, Daddy was still asleep, and we were supposed to be at church at 9 a.m.  She also didn’t cook dinner at home once last week, has no idea what needs to be done for homeschool this coming week, is wondering why May is so busy, and is trying not to think about how many chocolate chip cookies she ate this afternoon.   And there are still those pictures to find and scrapbook…)

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  1. May 17, 2010 11:10 am

    Whew! What a weekend! I’m so glad that everything’s back to “normal” for your little guy. I know what you mean about May. I think everyone’s trying to cram in everything before summer “vacation.” LOL!

  2. May 17, 2010 1:02 pm

    What a cute photo of the baby….Just take it easy, all will adjust soon 🙂

  3. May 21, 2010 11:05 am

    I’ve just spent the last two days catching up on your blog– or trying to– I was way behind:) Looks like you are settling in to life with the baby. My baby is 11 months old and still wants to be with me over anyone else, which is so hard at times and makes it hard to get away.

    We tend to ease off (or slack off) a bit in the spring, too, not getting every subject in, but I refuse to feel badly about it. We school for most of the summer anyway, plus the kids are reading tons. I just try to remember that we learn in ways other than the traditional “schoolwork” and that can be beneficial, too.

    Our son, Ian, who has been in public kinder is coming back to homeschool soon and I am a little nervous about incorporating him and his level. Reading about you learning at all three levels is giving me hope:) You are a great mom. And it is so impressive how diligent you are on your blog. 🙂

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