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Make Mom Happy

July 23, 2010

Today was just a really great day.  I thought I should write about it. 

I miss last week.  I miss being all together as a family and doing the same things together.  We got home and DH had to go back to work, the boys have resumed playing downstairs for a good portion of the day or doing their own thing again, and I stay upstairs and try to do whatever. Not to say that I absolutely want to be doing the same exact thing with everybody 24 hours a day, but we’ve lost some of that family togetherness feeling that we were enjoying.  I suppose I should go downstairs more often, it’s definitely cooler down there, but it’s also the most unbaby-proofed room in the entire house so it’s much much easier to keep E upstairs. 

So today was really nice.  We did things together for almost the entire day.  We went to park day together and the boys had a blast, even though D said he didn’t have “enough fun.”  We meet other homeschoolers at a different park every other Friday and today’s park is the boys’ favorite.  I think they talked me into going back again next week.  DH was able to go with us before he had to go to work. 

Then we had lunch together and the boys and I set out to do some shopping.  We’ve been home for a week and haven’t really restocked the fridge because we were waiting for payday today.

First we went to a kitchen store to buy some rubber spatulas for a wedding shower I have tomorrow.  They’re the kind that are good up to 800°F.  I have an entire set because I melted so many cheap spatulas in the early years of our marriage.  I love finding a great kitchen item that I can give at every shower, although I’ve had so many cousins get married recently, I think they’re onto me. 

Anyway, this particular errand was funny because as I was checking out, all the clerks were having fun trying to get E to smile at them.  He finally gave them a beautiful smile.  One said what a cute little girl I had.  I said, “Actually, he’s a boy.”  “Oh, what a beautiful little boy you have!”  I had to agree, but I also had to chuckle.  He was wearing blue even.  I don’t think he looks like a girl at all.

Then we hit the grocery store and a couple there wanted to know where my girl was.  “All boys?!”  I said yes, with a big smile.  We were only after lettuce and tomatoes, but strawberries were really cheap so we got two boxes.  Plums were on sale, as were cantaloupes.  Then D talked me into a watermelon.  I must be craving fruit. 

Then at Sam’s Club, raspberries were super cheap so we bought three boxes of those.  We had a delicious fresh fruit smoothie for an afternoon snack today!  And that was after all the samples we ate at Sam’s Club.  They had tons out today because of the Pioneer Day holiday tomorrow.  We tried lemonade, peanuts, fried mozzarella sticks, mac ‘n cheese, chicken, Texas toast in marinara sauce (Do people seriously spend money on frozen toast?), cookies, spicy sausage, and watermelon.  That would probably explain why no one was bugging me about when dinner would be! 

One man at Sam’s, on seeing E in the stroller, remarked on my “precious cargo.”  I had to agree with him too. 

The boys were great on all three errands and helped me carry everything inside, even the watermelon.  I thought for sure I’d have to do that, and when I went to get it out of the car, A had already carried it in for me.  They were especially helpful with dinner tonight and did their kitchen jobs quickly as well, which we’ve really gotten out of the habit of.

It was a good day to be the mom.  We got back to our readaloud after they got their pajamas on until E was ready for bed, they did their 15 minutes of scripture reading all on their own while I put E down, and they all went to bed without complaint.  Who are these children?!

Now I’m off to finish knitting the dishcloths to go with my spatulas that I thought (late last night) would add a nice handmade touch.  I’ve got the old old version of Persuasion going while I knit.  Some of those floral dresses are just hideous so I’m glad I don’t have to watch much as I knit.  I can just listen. 🙂

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