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Flying Ace All-Stars

August 6, 2010

Last Saturday, it was a free day at Utah Olympic Park so we went up to watch the freestyle aerialists ski jump into the pool.  Ski jumpers train there year round and the Flying Ace All-Star team (including some Olympians and the U.S. freestyle aerials coach) does a show every Saturday throughout the summer.  The weather was perfect.  A storm was just beginning to move in and it was so nice to get out of the hot muggy valley and up into the mountains.  Plus the clouds were spectacular.  I like clouds. 

The show was at 5 p.m. too instead of the usual 1 p.m., so it was shady where we were sitting.  D was kind of grumpy for some reason, but the other two had a great time and asked 50 questions about everything while E napped in his stroller. 

The ski jumps:

The pool:

 Getting ready to ski into the pool:

Coming off the big jump

Three at once:
(never knew freestyle aerials could be a team sport)

The boys (on solid ground):


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  1. denise permalink
    August 6, 2010 9:46 am

    that is SO AWESOME!!

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