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This is not the year

August 26, 2010

It seems like I said that a lot last year, what with being terribly sick and pregnant, and then having a newborn.  It just wasn’t the year for…well, lots of things.  And the trend continues…

We got an email notice about a week ago that there would be auditions for principal cello of my symphony Tuesday night.  Monday morning, Joyce, our orchestra manager, called me to ask if I was going to audition.  I had to say that I didn’t really think this was the year for me, not with an 8-month old around.  I think I’ll be lucky to just make it through the season without the added stress of sitting first chair. 

Joyce had actually figured as much, but said that she thought she’d call “our best cellists” just to make sure we weren’t left out.  That was gratifying to hear, although she hasn’t heard me practice lately or she might change that opinion. 🙂  Actually no one has heard me practicing lately.  That’s the problem.  I’ve got to get back in cello-playing shape here soon.  Rehearsals start in just two weeks. 

If I continue to get up with E in the mornings and we get a good start on schoolwork, there’s actually quite a bit of time in the afternoon when I can squeeze in some practicing.  Assuming I’m still awake by then…these early mornings are killing me!

(Confessions of a reforming night owl!)

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  1. Susan Harrington DeVogel permalink
    August 26, 2010 6:45 pm

    Practice, practice, practice… and go for it!

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