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It’s 9:55 on a Saturday night

September 4, 2010

And my children are finally in bed!

That is, if you don’t count the 5-year-old who is asleep on the living room floor (where he’ll stay until DH comes home to lift him into bed.)  He said his prayers and next thing I knew, he was out.  I can totally relate.  If I sit or lie down, I’ll be out that quick too.  It’s been one of those weeks.

It was actually a pretty good day aside from bedtime.  We went to the farmer’s market downtown for the first time all summer.  (When did our Saturdays get so busy???)  It was a real workout pushing the stroller filled with zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, 13 ears of corn, and some butter toffee nuts, not to mention the baby (who is 8 months old today!) up to the top level of the parking garage where we had finally found a parking space.  Oh, and I was carrying a watermelon besides.

Then we went to the library to stock up on Civil War books and I had to manage the stroller and a huge bag of books.  My feet hurt so bad from all that walking and hauling.  Thankfully DH was home in between his 6-noon overtime shift and his 2-midnight regular shift and made us lunch.  Then the boys just couldn’t wait to see how The Long Winter ends so we brought that book on cd in the house (we usually just listen in the car) and finished it after lunch.  I also finished my Relief Society newsletter for tomorrow in record time while E was taking a very good afternoon nap.

Then we had our usual Saturday night dinner/bath/bedtime craziness.  I just can’t seem to get everyone ready for bed on Saturday nights at a decent hour by myself.  But this is the last Saturday night DH works until midnight.  This is the last any night of the week he’ll be working that late.  I’m so happy.  Maybe we’ll get a better nighttime routine down.  Maybe a bedtime won’t be nonexistent anymore.  Maybe I won’t be so dead at night and blog a little more often. 🙂

Maybe I’ll quit forgetting things like the bread I was making yesterday.  I put it in the oven (warmed, but not on) to raise.  When the timer dinged it wasn’t quite high enough to bake so I put it back in, reset the timer, and when the timer dinged again, I came out and set to work pureeing the carrots I was steaming for baby food and forgot all about the bread.  Somewhere in the middle of the night I remembered it.  I climbed out of my bed and sure enough, it was still in the oven and it had raised plenty, but I wasn’t about to bake it at that hour so I put it in the fridge and baked it this morning.  It didn’t quite turn out right though.  I was going to make more tonight and come to think of it, I put wheat in the grinder and then never turned it on to make flour.  Oh my…

I also forgot my camera at my parents’ house this week so I can’t even take any pictures of this cute kid on his 8-month birthday.  He’s been super happy and smiling all day too which has been wonderful after the past few days.  He’s been a grump lately.  Nana was here visiting and we were out and about and in the car a lot and his naps were sporadic at best.  We also spent a day at my parents’ and ever since, E’s been looking at his bed like, “You want me to go to sleep there? I don’t think so.”  The baby monitor died too so I haven’t been as quick at responding to his cries as normal which I’m sure adds to the trepidation of sleeping in his own bed.

But he loves those pureed carrots.  I may get a vegetable lover yet.

And with that, I’m heading as well.

OK… that should read heading to bed as well.

I need sleep.  Obviously.

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  1. September 5, 2010 9:52 pm

    I can totally relate to the bread thing. I can’t believe how scatter brained I’ve become about things in recent years.
    Oh, and I hate bedtime when my husband is not home. I used to have them up late on those nights but then I realized it was so much nicer and easier if I just tried to put them to bed really, really early those nights. Doesn’t always work but when it does it is lovely. 🙂

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