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Celebrate Family

September 5, 2010

So we’re already 5 days into September and I’m finally getting around to sharing this:

Celebrate Family Blog Button

This month is the 15th anniversary of The Family: A Proclamation to the World and we’re being encouraged to celebrate families all month long.  These two blogs will have guest posts every day as well as blog hops to participate in and giveaways throughout September.  Check it out!


Maybe this will give me something to blog about as I haven’t been motivated to write much lately.  I am so thankful for my family though and I’m looking forward to studying the Family Proclamation with them.  I remember when it was first given.  I was a BYU student with only the hope of one day having my own family, but I was grateful then for the eternal truths that it espoused about the importance of families, and it only increased my desire to someday be able to enter into the covenant of marriage and have the opportunity to raise a righteous family.  Fifteen years, here I am!  And I’m so grateful for an opportunity to celebrate family when it seems like much of society these days no longer values marriage and parenthood.

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