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Weekly Report and random pictures

September 12, 2010

What is this, week 3 already?  And I didn’t even write anything about week 2.  Between the two we probably did one week’s worth of work.  The week before last, Nana was still here visiting from Ohio and so we had some light school days and many outings.  It was good to spend time with her.  We never regret time spent with grandparents.

Then here’s the past week in a nutshell: Monday holiday, Tuesday baby with a fever, Tuesday night no sleep for Mom or baby (it felt that way anyway), Wednesday night more of the same…and it kind of went downhill from there.  We have a great school plan, in theory anyway, but it all breaks down when Mom is not feeling her best, and I haven’t felt my best this week.  At least we attempted school every day so that’s something.  Finally Friday after lunch we called it good and went to park day.  It’s amazing how a little fresh air and sunshine can rejuvenate everybody.  And now we’re really looking forward to next week to see if we can’t get up and get going again.

The best schoolwork was probably D’s Five in a Row unit on The Finest Horse in Town.  We talked about:

  • who our aunts are
  • the state of Maine and colored the state flag
  • how to tell time and did a few clock worksheets
  • horses and what kind of care they need
  • horse hero stories
  • stories within a story
  • how long a century is
  • how ice used to be cut from rivers and stored in icehouses
  • backgrounds in the illustrations
  • what kind of paint was used in the book (watercolors) and they painted their own watercolor pictures–D drew dinosaurs (which look just like his people do!) and C painted Mt. Rushmore (the 4 gray dots) with thunderclouds overhead.

History/Literature: Story of the World 4 really jumps around and I haven’t quite decided if we’re going to read the entire book, or just selections.  But in the past two weeks we’ve talked about Japan reopening, the Crimean War, and British invasions in Afghanistan and Africa and did all the accompanying mapwork.  A also did some of the suggested outlining.  We also read about Manjiro, David Livingstone, and Florence Nightingale, and also read Longfellow’s poem, “Santa Filomena,” about the “lady with a lamp” ministering in the hospitals.

Other Literature: We’ve been listening to the Little House series in the car this summer and have just finished Little Town on the Prairie.  We have all been loving these books, I think this is the first time that I’ve read clear through the entire series.  They were so excited to find out the ending that we brought the last cd inside on Friday and listened while I cross-stitched. 

Geography: We read chapters 4-6 in Paddle to the Sea, did the accompanying mapwork, and watched an Eyewitness video on ponds and rivers. 

Math: A learned how to round off numbers and how to find factors and multiples.  I use the practice and review pages in Singapore as tests and so far he has gotten 100%.  C and D have both been reviewing place value. 

Grammar: Still reading through Grammar Island and had our first little quiz on identifying nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs in sentences.  C did very well, I wasn’t sure if it would be over his head or not. 

Latin: C and D did Prima Latina lesson 2.  A didn’t do anything.

Memory: We finished our first scripture and poem and just began memorizing “Autumn Fires” by Robert Louis Stevenson and D&C 8:2-3.

Other than that, we’ve been diligent about handwriting practice every day and scripture study.  Hopefully we’ll continue to be diligent with those and everything else this week so we can add in spelling and writing and maybe even science. 

Fun stuff and some pictures: While Nana was here, we went to the aquarium, the zoo,  and the planetarium to see some films.  The boys saw Attack of the Space Pirates, Nana, C, and I saw Hubble: 3D (very awesome!) and DH and I got out on a date to see The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest about George Mallory’s attempt to scale Everest in 1924 and Conrad Anker’s quest to recreate Mallory’s climb.  Very fascinating film as well and highly recommended.  We also went hiking, Nana took the boys shopping for clothes, and we ate out quite a lot! 

Zoo pics:

Baby Zuri

Baby Zuri

D's favorites

The moose we saw while hiking up to Cecret Lake:

(At which point DH decided we should turn around and go back to the car, he’s had one too many run-ins with moose previously…don’t ask.)

We had lunch at Gateway one day and while DH and I were in the Apple store afterwards, C decided to get into the Olympic fountain, even though it was exceptionally cold and rainy for August. 

He was soaked.

On Labor Day we watched the parade with Grandma and Poppa and I went with the three big boys to the community theater’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which the boys really enjoyed.  Dh and E stayed at Grandma’s and napped, which they really enjoyed. 

This week I started orchestra rehearsals again, C began piano lessons, and D started Kindermusik class.  A has piano still and scouts every week and I have six cello students once a week (when they all remember to show up.)  I feel like the speed of life just got a little faster! 

But last night we took some time to slow down and walked through the “Healing Fields” for the 9/11 victims.

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  1. September 13, 2010 2:14 pm

    You get as much done on a bad week that we do on a good one. I can’t believe how much you are able to fit in.

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