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Weekly Report 5

September 25, 2010

Another week finished!  They’re going by fast, and I feel like I’m barely keeping up.  We seem to get to every subject, just not nearly as often as I would like.  My mind was elsewhere this week though.  Every night after 5:00 I had to call to see if I’d been scheduled for jury duty the next day.  I never was, but I felt like I spent half the week planning for what would happen if I did have to go in.

E also has a cold and hasn’t slept well in about three days.  So consequently I haven’t been sleeping well either, and my fall allergies kicked in as well and I think I’ve sneezed about 47 times today alone.  In spite of all that, school actually went well.  I’m amazed.  The boys also talked me into hiking up the canyon and we went to homeschool park day…and were the only ones there.  Interest in that seems to have petered out since summer ended.

FIAR: After 2 1/2 weeks, we finished rowing Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and we:

  • Read about diggers of all types
  • Read about canals
  • Drew different kinds of trees as in the books’ illustrations
  • Copied the title
  • Went to see steam trains and a steam demonstration
  • Looked at vintage photos of steam engines

History: We began our study of the Civil War which will take us up through our fall break in October.  We read several biographies of Lincoln, several nonfiction books on the Civil War and a few picture books as well.  They also sat through the first episode of Ken Burns’ The Civil War, but I think it’s a little over their heads.  DH and I are going to watch it though over the next few weeks and maybe find selections we can show the boys.  We also did the mapwork of states from Story of the World and started a Civil War timeline and important people booklets for a lapbook.

Music: Both A and C had piano lessons this week, D went to Kindermusik, and we got a plethora of Civil War music cds at the library to listen to.

Literature: We finished These Happy Golden Years and just started Across Five Aprils to coordinate with history.  A’s been reading The 39 Clues mystery series.  C read a book of railroad stories and several short easy reader books about Lincoln and the Civil War.

Geography: Read chapters 11-12 and labelled several states and their capitals.

Math: C began double digit addition this week in Singapore 2A and also did some multiplication in Miquon.  A is still working on factoring in Intensive Practice and is to the point where he can do 100 multiplication problems in 10 minutes.  The goal is 5 minutes so we’ve added in some drill sheets each day…when I remember.  D is up to lesson 22 in Singapore 1B.

Language Arts: C did 4 Writing with Ease lessons, A finished two and did spelling maybe twice this week.  We’re up to page 99 in Grammar Island and have begun to learn parts of the sentence.  D has finally started working in his Explode the Code primers again and is doing quite well.  We’ve also taken a break from his reading book to work with Blend Phonics for a while instead.

Memory: We learned D&C 10:5 and are attempting to memorize the Gettysburg Address.

Latin: C did lesson 3 and A finished up lesson 10 in Ludere Latine.  We’re finally getting back into the habit of doing Latin regularly and even listened to the pronunciation cd for once.  Now if we can just get back in the routine of reviewing the flashcards every day…

We have a good opening routine with prayer, scriptures, and memory work.  After that, it’s anything goes.  Every day has been different, but the boys are happy.  Everyone’s learning.  We’re back in the general routine of schoolwork, I just need to clean up some of the details.

Our hike to the grotto:

And just because he’s cute:

Actually, he was happy to go hiking too, and that was quite the workout for me wearing him in a front pack the whole time!

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  1. September 26, 2010 7:28 am

    A very busy week with your guys! It sounds like a lot of fun learning, though I’m sorry not everyone is feeling well. Fall allergies have struck here, too.

  2. Mandy in TN permalink
    September 26, 2010 12:34 pm

    I msut say the allergy medication is currently a good friend of mine. We are trying to keep Mr. Sinus Infection, Ms.Laryngitis, and their nastier allies away!

    Great Civil War titles and great hike photos!

  3. September 26, 2010 12:52 pm

    What a beautiful area to walk in!

    I love your study of the Civil War. It sounds like a lot of fun and perfectly geared towards the ages of your children. Your book selections look wonderful.

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