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Weekly Report 8

October 24, 2010

Taking a week off was a very good thing for us.  Everybody was fresh on Monday and ready to get back to work.  We didn’t do anything terribly exciting, it was just a good solid week of school…well, four days anyway.  We took off Friday for my birthday.

Highlights: We did science!  It was probably the first time since, oh…about March. 🙂  For some reason science seems to be the first thing to go when life gets crazy.  I’ve debated on whether to finish out our chemistry program, or just ditch it and start physics.  We all like chemistry though and do want to keep going.  Some of the concepts are still over our heads, but the boys all like experiments.  Of course we couldn’t even do this week’s experiment for krypton because we needed an actual film camera and mine is no longer working.  But we also read about xenon in headlights and so looked for the cars with bluish purple headlights all the way home from Grandma’s house one night.  We also checked the website to see whether or not we live in a Radon Zone.  (Our county is in the moderate zone.)

Another highlight was writing.  I love the Pentime copywork books the boys have.  A works diligently in his and his cursive is beautiful. Writing with Ease is also going well for both of them.  Writing is high on our priority list every week.  They need more practice.  C’s handwriting has come miles since last year.  He was switching off between Pentime and Writing with Ease copywork, but his WWE sentences have been fairly short so I suggested doing half a page in Pentime as well every single day and he has finished both of them in record time with no complaining at all!  And it’s legible!

C's copywork and A's dictation, Oct. 2010


The lowlight this week was probably reading.  We just never seem to get to it, either read alouds or personal reading (aside from scripture, that happens so it’s not all bad.)  It used to be if we didn’t get to it in the day, I at least knew they’d read a little bit at bedtime, but since we’ve moved baby E into their room, they can’t stay up and keep the light on any more.  C did finish his book, Abraham’s Battle, finally, but I don’t think A’s finished a book in weeks.  Hmmm…

History: Now that we’re done with the Civil War, we’re kind of floundering.  This is the first year I don’t have our history mapped out for the entire year.  I need to sit down and come up with a plan.  Until I do, SOTW 4 is just sitting there, so we read through chapter 6 on Paraguay and the Triple Alliance, and the Dominion of Canada this week and did the South America mapping assignment.

Math: A has returned to Singapore and is remembering how to do long division.  A and C have also had math fact drill sheets to do every morning.  Then D requested some as well.  Who am I to deny a 5-year-old requesting math fact practice?  So now all three do a sheet every morning.  Drilling isn’t necessarily fun, but I can see it paying off.  C was so excited when he got 100% on his sheet on Thursday. This is really the subject where he struggles the most and I’m determined to help him succeed.   Math seems to come a lot easier to his brothers.

Language Arts: We finished Grammar Island and started reading through Building Language and Music of the Hemispheres for poetry.  I still need to wrap my brain around how they both work, or what to actually do with them.  This is such a new approach for us.  Sometime around Thursday, I remembered that we should have been doing spelling all week long.  I completely forgot to add it back in after our week off.  C has one more week left in Writing with Ease 1, and in looking ahead at volume 2, I’m not entirely sure he’s ready for dictation just yet.  So I think I may start him in Sequential Spelling as well this next week and see how he does with words before we attempt dictating sentences to him.

D is doing well with handwriting as well, although he tries to get out of it if he can.  He has finally caught on to how Explode the Code works and finished the first primer this week.  He’s also had fun playing a phonics concentration game with me.  If turning reading into a game helps, I’ll do it!  I think things are finally clicking in his head with regards to reading and pretty soon he’ll just take off.

Memory: We attempted “Oh Captain!  My Captain!” this week and we are nowhere near having it learned.  The boys have a much better memory than I do we’re finding out.  I’m terrible at poetry.  Give me music any day and I’ll memorize it, no problem.  Words however are much harder for me.  Maybe it’s my age.  I hear other parents say their children can memorize things much easier than they do too.

Latin: We were very diligent about Latin.  C did lesson 5 in Prima Latina and A began lesson 11 in Latina Christiana. I loaded their pronunciation CDs onto my laptop so we don’t have to deal with the CD player any more, and that’s made a huge difference.  We’re actually listening now. 🙂

Well, that got wordy…

Other than school we were just busy with piano lessons for A and C, Kindermusik for D (I love learning music, Mom!), helping Dad do yardwork, and celebrating birthdays.  Mine was on Friday and on Wednesday we went to visit the boys’ great-grandparents for my Grandpa C’s birthday.  We’re looking forward to another productive week, although with Halloween coming, several sewing projects to finish, parties to look forward to, a Cub Scout pack night, and general excitement gathering, I’m probably expecting way too much.

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  1. Moniksca permalink
    October 25, 2010 8:19 am

    Sounds like a great week! What nice handwriting!

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