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Weekly Report 11

November 15, 2010

One more week down…I can’t believe how time is flying. We’re still trying to get used to the time change.  The boys have been getting up earlier which is good.  E has been getting up, and getting me up, very very early though, so I’m dragging and it seems to take just as long to get going in the mornings as it did last week.  We had a pretty good week though, except D was throwing up most of the day on Wednesday.  Just a stomach bug I think, he’s been fine ever since.  It just had to be the day of his Kindermusik class though.

History: We read parts of Story of the World chapters 8 and 9, covering Japan’s Meiji Restoration of the emperor, the Dutch East Indies, and the Ottoman Turks…again.  I like the chronological nature of Story of the World, but at some point I’d really like to read through it in a geographical fashion, so all the chapters relating to say, the Ottoman Empire, would be read consecutively.  Maybe that will be our summer reading project before we cycle back to ancient history next year.

Science: We read more about copper, iron, and steel this week and tried our copperplating experiment again.  It worked:

One of these nails is not like the others...

Literature: We finished Heidi this week and loved it!  I have no idea what else the boys have been reading, other than the Sunday comics.  They love those.

Latin: A began lesson 12 and C did lesson 6.

Language Arts: A analyzed 4 more sentences in Practice Island.  We’re trying to decide if it’s better to do one analysis every day, or do 4 sentences all in one day once a week.  We learned the sub- stem in vocabulary and C came up with a simile: A subway is like a worm.  (They both move through the ground.)  A was miffed because he couldn’t come up with a simile himself.  In poetry we learned about rhyme: end rhyme, eye rhyme, internal rhyme, and near rhyme.  We looked at the rhyming in “Oh Captain, My Captain!”  We also checked out some poetry books from the library and read a delightful one called Pennyrhymes by Clyde Watson.  We took the week off from Writing with Ease, but did do spelling almost every day.  A is in Sequential Spelling, and C is working on 3-letter words from Webster’s Speller.  He’s a fantastic reader, but still has a hard time spelling simple words.

Since D has finished the Explode the Code Primers, I’m trying to decide whether to continue with Book 1 or not.  The other two hated the regular ETC books and as they were reading well at that point, we didn’t continue with them.  D is not quite reading yet, and I need to decide if he needs the written phonics practice or not.  I did introduce him to this week and he’s enjoyed playing with the alphabet there.  I just need to get headphones for the computer so he doesn’t distract his brothers.

Memory: In honor of Veteran’s Day we began memorizing “In Flanders Fields.”  We also memorized Doctrine and Covenants 25:12 “For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.”

Math: We had a very light math week.  A worked on his 12 times tables and the other two began working in Math Mammoth Add and Subtract 2-A.  They like it, I like it.  C needs all the practice he can get on simple arithmetic and a new approach is a good thing before we get back into Singapore.  We also pulled out Challenging Word Problems and practiced drawing bar graphs.

That was about it for this week.  Kind of boring.  We did read about Krakatoa as well, and a few other books.

Monday night we went to a Veteran’s Day program at the library and heard the Phoenix Swing and Jazz Band play and a couple veterans speak.  They have World War II vets talk every second Monday and we never remember to go, but I happened to see the band was playing this week and so we went for family home evening and had a great time.

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