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Weekly Report 12

November 20, 2010

12 weeks down–that’s 1/3 of our school year!  Where did it go?  I don’t feel like we’re that far along, but it is November after all.  And we made it to Thanksgiving break!  I was so tempted to just call it a week several days back, but we persevered and actually, Friday was a great day.  Three children have had head colds though, including the baby, and it’s just been…not the best week overall.  DH managed to get Friday off from work, E slept very well Thursday night, I got more sleep that night than I’ve had in weeks, and really, it’s amazing how much more I’m capable of when I’m well rested.  But I’m still ready for a week off now.

Highlights: Probably finishing up D’s FIAR unit on Cranberry Thanksgiving and reading some really great books.  Also D is really taking off with reading!  It’s so exciting!

Lowlights: The aforementioned head colds, lack of sleep, lack of structure, and yet another week with no science.

FIAR: I think we have “rowed” this book every fall for the past six years, and we always do the same activities and read the same books, but the boys love it and always ask for it.  So once again we talked about Massachusetts, Pilgrims, the Mayflower, cranberries, silhouettes, seasons, not judging others by appearances, friendship, starch, and of course we made Grandmother’s famous Cranberry Bread.  Actually I use another recipe we like better and D requested muffins instead of bread this year, but it was in the spirit of Grandmother’s famous Cranberry Bread.

First though, we had to make our own cranberry bog.

This little activity could have kept them busy for hours.  Then we cut up cranberries to see that they’re hollow inside, which is why they float.

Finally we mixed up some yummy mini muffins which everyone agreed were much better than the regular sized ones.

We also found cranberry bogs on Google Earth (Carver, MA), watched a Reading Rainbow video with a visit to a cranberry farm on it, and looked back in our genealogy to identify our Mayflower ancestors.

Some of the books we read this week

History: I realized that we have been meandering a little too slowly through the 1800s lately so we picked up the pace a bit and read chapters 10 and 13 in Story of the World this week covering the Suez Canal, the Ottomans again with Abdulhamid the Red, Brazil and Pedro II, and the War of the Pacific fought between Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.  I think we did half the mapwork for all of that and nothing else.  I’ve not been in project mode lately.  From here on out though, I have been working on a schedule combining SOTW with the newest Time Traveler cd and already I’m rethinking how I’ve scheduled it.  This is a tough year of history.  There’s just so much to cover and a lot of it is dreary.  One of my goals for this week off is to get our history plan for the rest of the year down on paper.

Memory: Still working on “In Flanders Fields” and our memory verse from last week.

Math: A is almost finished with the Singapore section on multiplication and division of whole numbers.  And once again, he’ll face a test the day after our break.  Why does it always work out that way?  C did a little bit of work in Math Mammoth, but he was completely congested and not thinking straight most of the week so it was rather light.

Latin: A finished the exercises and crosswords for lesson 12 and sad to say, we never got around to beginning C’s new lesson.

Language Arts: We’re up to lesson 38 with D in The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. He has a lap whiteboard and I write out the words and he reads them.  It’s so much fun!  I love it when reading clicks.

Spelling?  I think we may have done it a few times.  We’ve already skipped Writing with Ease the past two weeks, so figured why start up again the week before a break?  Especially when we’re not feeling good?

We did begin reading through Sentence Island though and A did the 4-step analysis of 4 more sentences in Practice Island.  With C, we analyzed a poem from Music of the Hemispheres.  We also read a book of seasonal poetry together.  I need to find a good poetry anthology to begin reading a poem a day from.  Any suggestions?

We also need a new read aloud as we just finished The Indian in the Cupboard. I should say it was an audiobook and the boys finished it.  I fell asleep on the living room floor while listening to the final disk today.  We couldn’t wait to see how it ended after we went grocery shopping this morning and now I still don’t know how it ended!

Oh well.  The week is over and now we get a break.  Hopefully everyone will get rested and rejuvenated and no one else (like me!) will get sick.

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  1. November 21, 2010 11:43 am

    We just recently watched the Reading Rainbow with the visit to the cranberry farm too. I really like Reading Rainbow – it is something I can actually enjoy watching too.

    We also like the Cranberry books! In fact, my third child is named Seth – partly due to the fact we read Cranberry Easter and I was pregnant for him and the name just felt right!

    Oh, a week off sounds great. I am not very good at scheduling weeks off. I always feel like the kids do better on a schedule and they do. Honestly I think it is mom who needs more of a break than they do! We just had piano recitals last night so I feel some weight lifted knowing our daily piano practice can be a little lighter for the next month. I so need that.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy your break and hopefully you’ll get a lot of sleep! 🙂

  2. Grandma permalink
    November 21, 2010 6:25 pm

    Actually, I’m only commenting because I wanted to call you and don’t know where my cell phone is. So if you get this give me a call.

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