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It feels like Christmas break

November 24, 2010

A and D played outside in the snow most of yesterday morning.  I’ve been working on music for a Christmas Eve service.  We’ve been talking about presents today–birthday, not Christmas, but still…

And tonight we were in the middle of a blizzard.  Which I didn’t even know about until the violinist I’m rehearsing with called to see if she could come over earlier because she wanted to get home before the storm hit.  Storm?  What storm?  I guess I should watch the news more often.

After noticing two emails saying scouts and symphony rehearsal were both cancelled, I checked the weather on KSL and noticed that all the universities were cancelling classes and the school districts were cancelling all events tonight.  It’s so rare that anything shuts down for snow in this state, I figured I’d better make a dash to the store.  Boy, that makes me sound prepared, doesn’t it?!  But DH told me last week that he felt the boys needed thermal underwear this winter.  I hadn’t had a chance to buy any yet, but thought, “What if today’s the day we need them?”  That was a prompting I didn’t want to ignore, so D and I ventured out to buy thermals and the last few items I need for Thursday.  We got home just ahead of the storm.

I think it has stopped snowing finally, but the temperatures are expected to plummet and our biggest concern (other than DH trying to drive to work early tomorrow morning) is what if the power goes out.  That happened after a blizzard several years ago right after Christmas.  We were able to stay with my grandparents for 3 days until our heat came back on.  I’m not sure what we’d do now.  The boys had their 0-degree sleeping bags ready to go and I think were actually looking forward to camping out if need be.  But so far we have heat and are quite toasty.  I’ll guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings besides highs in the teens.  I’m so glad we’re not traveling any farther than across the valley for Thanksgiving.

(And I’m really glad we’re not flying anywhere, but that’s a topic for another day.)

We’re just taking it easy this week.  I’ve been able to sleep in a bit the past two days.  DH made us omelettes for breakfast yesterday and I sat and worked out the the Sunday paper Sudoku after. I’ve hardly seen the boys. They’ve either been playing outside or downstairs most of the day.  I’ve been keeping E entertained while trying to organize the colossal paper mess in the music room.  I don’t know how it accumulates.  Well, I do–we don’t deal with paper on a daily basis like we should.  But still.  It’s a mess in there.  When I complained about the state of our school table, C said, “I know.  We should just put everything away when we’re done with it!  Then it would stay clean.”  It sounds so simple, doesn’t it.  I just can’t seem to master it though.

We want to do a puzzle though, so that’s motivating me.  I also have to practice for playing in church on Sunday and get some papers printed out and filed for our upcoming Time Traveler activities and our Christmas plans.  We’re using Discover Christmas which I bought last year with good intentions to use.  But I think we were having issues with the computer or printer or something and I couldn’t access the ebook and of course I was 9 months pregnant and really grumpy at the time and well, we only used it for about two days.  I have higher hopes for this year.

We also have birthdays coming up to plan for and a husband who just informed me that he’s working every evening this week, except Thursday.  And he works Thursday day, so there’s Thanksgiving week for you.   It’s going to be long, but hopefully not too stressful.

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  1. November 24, 2010 7:49 am

    oh..that sounds cold! and here I have been complaining of 30 degree weather we are having up at my parents. No snow but frost covering everything each morning. My kids think it has snowed in the night.

    I hope you keep your heat and that the week is somewhat restful for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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