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Sunday snow

November 28, 2010

Last week’s “Great Blizzard of 2010” came and went without doing much damage (although I’m awfully glad I wasn’t out in the wind and cold that night.)  Today’s mild-might leave 2-4 inches on the valley floor-storm has already dropped 10 inches and it’s still snowing, but it’s not too cold.  This is my kind of weather!  I’ve shoveled twice today already.  The boys have been out once as well, although C spent more time shoveling the grass than the sidewalk.  Now I’m sitting here with my hot chocolate and watching it snow.  There is something so peaceful about falling snow.

Last week was not terribly peaceful.  The week ahead doesn’t look peaceful, just busy.  So I’m enjoying this moment.

With snowy sidewalks, it would be the day I had to play in sacrament meeting.  What’s the point of wheels on the cello case if you can’t use them?

I just played a few months ago and I just don’t have that many choices for playing in church so I asked if Christmas music would be alright.  They said it was ok, but it didn’t seem like that’s what they really wanted.  So I went hunting.  I remembered Jackman Music has an online site where you can buy, download, and print music right there.  I recommended it for a friend some months ago, but never went back to check out the cello music.

Of course, there wasn’t much for cello, but there was this beautiful arrangement of all the Thanksgiving hymns for violin and piano.  So I bought it.  I read treble clef just fine, but this was written quite high and I needed to transpose it down two octaves rather than just one (which I’m much more adept at.)  As long as I had the melody, I was fine, but those counter melodies were giving me fits.  I finally figured out that if I just drew another ledger line on the top of the staff, it would read the same as in bass clef.  Problem solved, and now I have another piece in my sacrament meeting repertoire.  (I love that word!)

The same arranger also did “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” for cello and piano.  Did I mention that’s one of my absolute favorite Christmas carols?  I bought it too.  Now I just have to get asked to play somewhere for Christmas!

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  1. jenw permalink
    November 29, 2010 12:07 pm

    I’m sorry I missed hearing you play. I love to hear the cello. And “O Come O Come Emmanuel” is one of my favorites too. I’d love to hear you play it.

  2. Tamaran permalink
    December 6, 2010 11:36 am

    So I did use it to find a beautiful peace for “Come Thou Fount”. I played for the first time in public at my grandpa’s funeral and it was beautiful. I want to play it in sacrament meeting, but it is a duet. I assumed that because it was a violin duet I was out of luck…any chance you could look at it and see if you would be able to play with me. I’m looking at the 4th week in January (giving myself plenty of time because I haven’t picked up the violin since the baby came). Oh, let me mention that it is a very simple piece because I’m still learning!

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