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Last week of school 2010

December 23, 2010

Although school was practically the last thing on our minds…

But school is officially over for the  year.  All told I think we ended on a good note, or maybe I’m just saying that because I’m glad we have the next two weeks off!

Monday we had family pictures taken.  Murphy’s Law being what it is, we all got up late so E wasn’t ready for his usual morning nap and  ending up getting a grand total of 15 minutes sleep in the car on the way there.  The other four boys went for haircuts and got home barely in time to eat lunch and change their clothes.  I was getting a little nervous there.  But they looked good, I also had a good hair day, and we got (a very few) decent shots before E completely lost interest, kept trying to crawl away, and started to get grumpy.

Tuesday, we went to get a Christmas tree and the boys were really miffed that we weren’t going to decorate it after they got home from scouts until they realized we were headed to Temple Square as a surprise instead.  We saw the lights (pictures in a previous post) and enjoyed some time together as a family.

E was really funny about the tree.  He was utterly fascinated by Grandma and Poppa’s tree with all the lights and the ornaments, but wanted nothing to do with the plain old green tree sitting in our living room.

Wednesday after our schoolwork was complete I finally let them haul the Christmas boxes up from the basement and really tested their patience by insisting that I get the lights, beads, and ribbon on before letting them hang the ornaments.  We mostly ended up with only one ornament per branch and I quickly took pictures because I wasn’t sure how long the tree would stay pretty.  Sure enough, once the thing was decorated and all lit up, E got a lot more interested in it.  We try to keep him away with a kitchen chair barrier, but he has a long reach and is quite persistent.

It makes him smile though.

Thursday, we went to Grandma and Poppa’s house and made gingerbread cookies with Grandma.

Friday we talked about traditional Christmas sweets in Discover Christmas and found out that Nuremburg, Germany, is the “gingerbread capital” of the world.  Hmmmm, we have ancestors from there…maybe that’s why I love gingerbread so much.  In honor of that, we went to the Grand America hotel downtown after Daddy came home from work to see their gingerbread houses on display.  They were pretty fancy.

This was supposed to be Red Square:

This was my favorite:

Grand America itself:

My other favorite:

We also did their Christmas ABC window activity.  They had some amazing window displays and after the boys found all the letters of the alphabet and filled in their card, they could redeem it for some shortbread cookies from the French bakery shop there in the hotel.

After all that, we let them stay up late and have a movie night.  We watched The King and I.

Oh, yes, you’re wondering about schoolwork?  Somehow we fit some of that in as well.

We were fairly consistent with math and writing everyday.  I really need to find C a spelling program.  We finished Around the World in 80 Days and loved it.  A finished Latin lesson 13.  We read our Discover Christmas pages and our Christmas mystery book each day.  After they begged for more Story of the World in history, we read about the Irish potato famine, the second to last czar of Russia, and Ethiopia and Italy.  I think we’re in a good place with world history and will probably spend January focusing more on American history before World War I.  Beyond that we’re just up to our ears in Christmas music, Christmas books, and Christmas cookies–thanks to DH volunteering me to bake about 12 dozen sugar cookies for the cub scouts to decorate this week.  More about this week in another post.  Maybe.  This one has only taken me about 5 days to finish…

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  1. Tamaran permalink
    December 23, 2010 8:31 am

    WOW! 12 dozen sugar cookies and you still managed to bring some to us. Taelyn would only eat the candy cane ones. Makes me laugh that E didn’t like the tree until it was decorated. Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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