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Week #18–just when we thought we’d found our groove

January 24, 2011

I had to play in a concert on Saturday afternoon, which really fouled up the school on Saturday, off on Monday routine.  I wasn’t looking ahead very well, or I might have structured this week differently.  We did have two really great days of school on Tuesday and Wednesday, then it went pretty downhill from there.  Between rehearsals and teaching lessons, I’ve been gone almost every night this week and have been doing things to make up for that like reading email and paying bills online while everyone is working on math and smart kids–they always catch on to the fact that my attention is divided and then they have trouble concentrating too.  I’ve been staying up too late as well and just haven’t had the energy to buckle down and work as hard as I should have with them.

Then D woke up on Friday and said he wasn’t feeling well and declared that he shouldn’t have to do any written work, although he didn’t act that sick.  I didn’t feel like arguing so I gave him the day off (from the whole two things that require written work from him!) Then C said his tummy hurt on Saturday so he didn’t want to do much that day and I left him home from my concert too, just to be on the safe side, and took A’s friend with us instead.  I was a little frazzled that day, as always.  Things always seem to go wrong the day of a concert.  At least attempting to do school kept my mind busy for a couple hours.  But after we read scriptures, and A finished up some math and Latin, we called it good.

The concert was good too.  We played Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra interspersed with other pieces that highlighted the different sections of the orchestra.  Our conductor has quite a sense of humor and really played up to all the children in the audience.  It was fun.

As far as the rest of the week goes, it was fairly uneventful.

  • C did three Writing with Ease assignments, A did two plus two copywork quotes from our history unit.
  • A finished Latin lesson 14, and we wish there was English to Latin translation and not just Latin to English.  We need more of a challenge.  We also need to memorize the vocabulary much more thoroughly.  We’re terrible at it.  And I do mean we–I’m supposedly learning it alongside A.
  • C skipped Latin (unintentionally, we just never seemed to get to it)
  • But he really loves All About Spelling!  We’re up to step 6 and doing well.
  • Math for C and D is going well.  A appeared to do well multiplying fractions by whole numbers, but on his review (which we treat like tests) on Friday, he completed messed it up.  So we’ll try again next week.  I now have the Math Mammoth Fractions 2 book so maybe we’ll try supplementing with that for a different approach.
  • We were listening to Swiss Family Robinson, but after the disk was scratched in multiple places, we decided to listen to Ballet Shoes instead.
  • We looked at Bloch’s Birth of Christ for art this week.
  • A and C had piano lessons.  C has finished the John Thompson primer and started the First Grade Book.
  • D is beginning glockenspiel in Kindermusik.
  • D is reading words with double consonants on the end–bill, Jill, huff, puff, pass, mess, etc.  He brought me a book he got for his birthday and showed me where it said “Off” as in “Keep Off the grass.”   “Just like in my reading, Mom!”
  • We had a good week with language arts: A did 4-step analysis of four sentences, we learned about alliteration in our poetry book, and finally sat down to do some writing assignments from Sentence Island chapter one.  If you’ve noticed, we don’t do a lot of creative writing around here and some of the suggested writing exercises were a little too open ended and unstructured for us.  But they were finally able to have fun coming up with subjects and predicates and then putting them together in silly sentences.  We also tried writing balanced sentences with the same number of words in both the subject and predicate.  I think the best was A’s “The beautiful lake shimmered and shone.”  He also made nice use of alliteration there.
  • History is pre-World War I at the moment.  I had many more plans for the week, but they seemed to fizzle out.  We read about the Sino-Japanese war in Korea and the Boxer Rebellion in China after C begged for Story of the World.  On the American History front, we talked about interesting people–Henry Ford, George Eastman, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and of course, the Wright brothers.  They made little books of Ford’s automobiles for sale, flip books of the Wright’s first flight, and Wright Flyers.

We never made it to science or geography (no big surprise there) so I think that sums it up.  I’d like to say we’ll do better next week, but I have yet another concert next weekend.  So we’ll see.  At least it’s an evening one this time so perhaps our Saturday school will still work out.

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  1. January 24, 2011 4:51 am

    Hope you have a more satisfactory week next week!

    Regarding the Latin- when I was using a Latin book that only had me translate from Latin to English, I made it more challenging by checking my answers, and then translating the English answers back into Latin. It helped me a lot!

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